Monday, December 31, 2007


So, if you all haven't noticed the new convention,
I'll usually respond to your comments via. comments. Also, I commented on the previous post, just so sheyd and kerry don't feel left out and think that I wrote a new post without addressing what they wrote.

Also, I appreciate the increase in messages.
Thanks everyone! keep 'em coming, if you want that is.

aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, I was browsing around lots of rubber shops and came across a couple pictures of a single outfit that really peaked my interest. I don't know why though.To first give credit: the outfit was made/designed by Rubber55 and the pictures and outfit can be found at

I've never been into bondage and straight jackets have never really been my thing, however I really love how these pictures look! I also love the simple color-scheme.
I just thought I'd share.
I hope everyone has a great new years!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

longer response and a ramble

A response to TM:
Thanks about the skirt, I'm starting to polarize to extremes among expensive and cheap things, so in a simple cheap-splurge I bought some vanilla clothes. Which is kind of ironic because the stuff I bought is considered edgy (if not just goth-y) however comparative to latex it's pretty uninteresting stuff and was amazingly cheap, compared to rubber, which is pretty darn expensive as everyone reading this already knows.I'm also wearing these gloves from the same online shop that I got the skirt. I actually like these a lot. They're made of rubber and cost me like... 6 dollars or something obscenely inexpensive.

Also, about the ads, I should be able to have some control over what is displayed here, however I've been too lazy to get into the nitty-gritty with how to pick and choose which ads I want shown.
I should get on that..

Now for the ramble:
Yesterday and today I've been kind of out of it with nothing to do, so as a result I've been bumming around the internet an alarming amount, spending most of the time looking though clothing stores of both latex and vanilla varieties trying to figure out what else I might buy myself for Christmas... even though I know that I really shouldn't get anything else.

I've also been looking at lots of masking pictures and masking videos and I've noticed a few trends, most of which I've fallen victim to myself.

The main one that I've seen has been the way that many maskers look like they're gonna pop when cross dressing. What I mean by this is that lots of maskers have their corsets strung up super tight, gigantic size triple-E breasts torpedoing out of their chests, and unbelievably tight costumes cutting off their ability to breathe. As a result lots of maskers look like tightly packed sausages ready to explode, which is not really a good look.
Believe it or not, lots of the time when I mask I feel the exact same way, but I make sure to try to look relaxed, which is helped most by forcing my arms down and shoulders back to give the illusion of being comfortable. Regardless of the fact that I sometimes feel like I'm gonna blow out of my skin.

The next is that we don't know what to do or where to do it!
I see lots of pictures and videos where it's someone awkwardly standing in front of a sheet trying to either hide their home or to create the illusion of a cheap photo-shoot.
Does this sound familiar?(red pointers indicating my own use of previously mentioned sheets)
I've grown to dislike how this looks, but at the same time, have no answers as to what we should do about it or where we should go. The thing is that most pictures tell a story of sorts, but most masking pictures are just flat displays saying; "I bought these clothes, I used these methods to look female, what do you think?" However, as to how we can add 'stories' to our pictures, I'm still unsure.

I know that many of us have tried to change the settings where we mask and rubber up, but lots of the time it still seems awkward to be totally covered in latex out in the woods or near picturesque locations or even in public areas and fetish parties. So I don't know what to do about the settings of our pictures.

Additionally, when taking these pictures, lots of the time we don't know what to do. Although, I guess we don't have to do anything, I just noticed it being especially weird when I see masking videos where someone is just standing in front of the camera or slowly rotating around or worst of all, when someone is grabbing and groping their new girl parts uncontrollably.
However, since I've started taking short movies of myself I too have realized that it's not so easy to think of something interesting to do. So I have no answers.

I do have a female friend who agreed to take pictures of/for me every so often upon request. So I'm hoping that I can get some more organic, better shots out of it.. even though I don't know what I'm going to be wearing, where I'll be having the pictures taken, or what the 'theme' will be... but I'm hoping they'll be better.

Anyway, I've got more to say, but there's no rush. So until next time...
and remember, comments are easier to leave now

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry X-mas

Merry Christmas everyone!Sorry, I didn't have any themed pictures, but I figured you guys would enjoy something new

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


well, I recently realized it's not that easy to post here!

So I changed some of the settings and now it should be simpler to leave a comment... and yes, you can leave your ID as anonymous however I would prefer it if you just choose a nickname to go by and stick with it so I can differentiate one user from another.

Also, if you all haven't noticed I haven't had a huge amount of content here lately, but that will change soon enough..
However, as a general note, I don't have nearly enough going on in my personal life to keep all of you interested.
So I'm open for people to leave comments, thoughts, and suggestions.

For example: if you have a/n...
question for me,
idea for a photo-shoot, (not to say I'll necessarily do it)
cool fetish, masking, or latex related link,
experience or insight you want to share,
general conversation topic you'd like to start,
or just feel like saying anything (as long as it's not spam or completely vulgar).

Then leave a message!

*Also, thank you CM*

Monday, December 17, 2007

...the weather outside was frightful...

Oh the crowded highways and bustling aisles,
stores full of panicked shoppers,
and parking lots packed to capacity.
Temperatures approaching freezing and bank accounts quickly emptying,
yes.. it is that time of year again.

(I'm not exactly a holiday type of person)
However, that shouldn't keep any of you from having a happy holiday season!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

change of heart

About a week ago I realized that I needed a girl to model some of the items I intend on putting up on e-bay.

I thought about which of my friends I might ask to do so me such a favor, mainly by their figure.
I thought of someone who has a fairly similar body-shape to my ex and decided that I would ask her, especially since I helped her with a photography project a while back where she took about 4 rolls of film of me, naked. So she owed me a favor that may include some discomfort and nudity.

A few days ago I e-mailed her asking if she could do me a favor, she agreed.
Yesterday I got lunch with her and started filling her in on the details of what I was going to be expecting of her; just that I wanted her to model something for me and that I'd be posting pictures online. Again, she agreed, but told me that it would have to be sometime in late January or February since she is going home in a week for Christmas and classes don't begin again until around then.
I told her it was fine even though I kind of wanted the pictures taken sooner than later. She then asked me what exactly she was going to be modeling. I told her, "a couple things," but didn't get any more specific than that. I was hoping to peak her curiosity with my vague response, but I also didn't want to get into a whole drawn out conversation about latex if she didn't have any idea of what it was.

I realized that my strategy worked when she immediately started interrogating me as to what the items were. All I told her was that they were fairly expensive. After another 10 or so minutes of unanswered questions she finally cracked and said that she would be able to do it for me later that day.
I was delighted.

We reconvened and as I was driving her back to my house she started again with the questioning.
This time around I gave in and started slowly telling her.

me: "Are you familiar with latex?"
her: "No."
"Well, the garments I want you to model are made of latex."
"uhm.. ok."

There was an awkward silence.

"That's kind of weird, why are they made of latex?"
"It's kind of complicated."
"How is it complicated? what is it for?"
"Well, the long answer is 'for lots of reasons,' but I'll just say that it's for sex."
"Yeeeeah, you're gonna have to get naked for this."
"Are you ok with that?"
"I'll see... So why do you have girls latex sex clothes?"

At this point she seemed like she felt fairly repulsed and I felt pretty awkward.

"It's from my last relationship."
"It must've been a weird relationship."
"Yeah... I guess.."

We pulled into my driveway and entered my house.
"Ok, let's make this quick, I have a lot of homework," she snapped at me.
"Yeah, we'll be fast, let me go find everything."

I ran down to my closet and started pulling the garments from their places. As I did I began having second thoughts about doing this, this girl already made me feel so uncomfortable about latex and she hasn't even seen them yet. I was a little afraid that she would completely freak out upon seeing what I was asking of her.

I came back into the room carrying the items; in my left hand a couple hangers and a wad of latex dangling from the right. She looked at the garments as though they were road-kill, then gingerly approached me and with the very tips of her thumbs and fore-fingers hesitantly inspected them.
A kind of nauseous feeling shot through me and I immediately thought, 'Ok, she doesn't like it, I don't care, I just want these pictures to be taken and have this be over with.'
"Alright, so you should get in the shower and soap yourself down."
She shot me a surprised look and I responded with with a frustrated one.

She went into my bathroom, closed the door, and started the shower. A few minutes later I shouted through the door, "all you have to do is soap up! I'm coming in."

"Wait wait wait!"
"Don't worry-" I started as I opened the door.
"What are you doing?!"
"It'll be easier if I help you into it, plus I don't want you ripping anything.. Also, you took pictures of me when I was naked, so don't go and get all self-conscious on me."
"Ok, fine, what should I do?"

I helped her into the first piece of rubber while she complained about it the whole time.
As I was helping her out of it she continued asking me, "so why would anyone buy this stuff?" "why do you still have it?" "why did you get it in the first place?"
Up until this point I was dodging all the questions, but I started getting a little frustrated, so I finally answered.
"I got it cause it's my thing. It turns me on. I had to introduce it to my ex and we would use it every now and then, cause I liked it when she wore latex."

She suddenly changed her tone, but continued with the questions. However, this time she was asking me specifically why I had this fetish. I couldn't really give her a satisfactory answer, but she seemed to respect it a bit more once I gave it a little history and context.
Around this time I started helping her into the other garment, a small top from Honour my ex bought in London, by soaping up her upper back and around her ribs. Once it was on, she told me she thought the top was kind of cute and was very interested in seeing how she looked in it, however I had to stop her since I wanted to polish it before taking any of the pictures.

As I lubed her body and polished the top I was reminded of my last relationship and the times I helped my ex into her rubber. I kind of missed sharing my fetish with someone.

I snapped off the last of the pictures and noticed myself starting to get aroused by the way her body looked all rubbery and glistening, but the urge was deformed by her initially unresponsive way of dealing with it... also, she's just a friend, not a girlfriend, so it was inherently different.

We finished up shortly after.
On the ride home we started talking.

"So that was interesting."
"yeah.. it was."
"I kind of liked the top," she shyly admitted.
"That's nice," I responded with a smile, but didn't believe her.

We continued with some small-talk until I got to her dorm. We hugged goodbye,
"You know... you're gonna owe me dinner when I get back."
"And let me know how everything sells."
"Will do, but I still don't know if I'm gonna sell that top."
"Good," she said as she cracked a smile,
"I'll see you next year."

(One of the pictures taken)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

One down, more to go

Well, the catsuit I was selling by Nimue didn't sell all that well. However, it suppose it was fairly obvious that it wasn't a fantastic suit anyway.

I don't think I ever wrote about my experience buying from Nimues Latex shop, so I figure that now is about the best time to do it.
Originally I was a little skeptical at her affordably priced custom-made catsuit deal, however, I felt as though it may just have been gimmick to get her name out and to prove to her customers that she was legit. So I thought I would give her a shot.

I knew that custom-work takes a while to process, so I didn't bother her too much about giving me specifics as to when it should be ready. However, a month after I placed the order I still hadn't heard a thing. At this point I just wanted to satisfy my curiosity as to when it should be arriving and sent her an e-mail.
A few days later she responded to me and informed me that it would be about another month.
Then at the end of that month, I e-mailed her again asking about when I should be expecting it. This continued on and her e-mail responses got shorter and shorter while at the same time getting meaner and meaner.

In the end, the catsuit took 6 months from placing the order to arrival.
Honestly, by the time it came in the mail I had totally forgotten about ordering it. But regardless, I immediately tried it on and immediately found that it didn't fit me at all. Needless to say, I wasn't pleased. However, I wanted to give the suit a shot for a little longer, however after having it nearly a year and realizing that I've only worn it once, selling it seemed like the best option.

In the end, buying from her was a waste of money and I don't expect to make that same mistake again.
If anyone has any similar, or completely different buying experiences from her or other manufacturers, I'd be happy to hear about it (in comment form),

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The sales continue

I know, I know.
It's annoying that I'm advertising the items I'm selling here on my blog. However, it's relevant and... I need the money!

I'm sorry to see these items go, but I figured that I just needed some more room in my closet and bulk in my bank account.

Here are a few shots of the catsuit I'm selling:
For more pix and info, you can check out my listing on e-bay.
Item number: 220180127295

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Ooooh, I pulled the corset from e-bay cause a friend voiced strong interest in it, so I'm holding it for him.
I'd say too bad, but nobody bid on it yet, soooooooooooo... not too bad?

Anyway, I'm gonna be selling more stuff in the coming weeks. However, as of right now, I'm coming down with a cold, so I'm just gonna relax and watch some movies.