Saturday, March 29, 2008

miss me?!

Hey everyone!

Well, the week of ridiculousness is nearly over and I have a couple minutes at the computer. So I thought I'd drop a few previously un-posted pictures from the 'stripes' series just to keep you all a little entertained.

Anyway, leave some messages!!! it's gettin' too quiet up on this site

Saturday, March 22, 2008

calm before the storm

So for about the next week I'm gonna be out of touch with reality.
I probably won't be making any updates and I will certainly not be dressing at all. So before I go I just wanted to draw your attention over to my $1.50 store. There's a new photo-series called Herm-Aphrodite which is the full set of pictures I took recently with the extra-large breast-forms. The reason why I'm putting it up there for now is because there are a number of pictures in that series that I'm not ever going to post up here on the site.

Also, I have a new video up in my "other clip store" taken shortly after the Herm-Aphrodite photo-series.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good week! before I go, here are a few more pictures from that series.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

bigger is better?

So I got those breast-forms I was talking about before. They're about 4 the size of the other breast forms I was using. They almost seem 'too' big, however I think I just need some garments that will actually fit with them..

So, is bigger actually better?



Sunday, March 16, 2008

For Sale

As I mentioned before, I plan on selling a 'girl-suit' of sorts that I had custom made by Dark Side Creations. I used it as my normal padding-base a few years back, but then I took a break from masking and didn't wear it all that much. Over that time I lost a good amount of weight and now the suit doesn't fit! So I figured I'd sell it on e-bay.

Here are some pictures of me wearing it (in some of them I'm using it as a base under other clothes)

The measurements of the Leotard are: (laid flat)
Bust - 18.5"
Waist - 15.25"
Hips - 19"

Neck to crotch - 30"
Breast diameter - 6"
Breast protrusion - 3"

The measurements of the leggings are: (laid flat)
Waist - 17"
Hips - a bit over 20"

Waist to ankle - 39.5"
Crotch to ankle - 26.5"

For the actual auctions for the Leotard and the Leggings you can click here (leotard) or here (leggings).

The auction numbers are 220213223655 and 220213231017.
The auctions will end on Tuesday the 25th around 4pm Eastern Time (GMT - 05:00).

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fair Warning

I'm gonna be putting up my flesh-toned custom made latex 'girl-suit' leotard/leggings. So get your e-bay accounts ready!!! (I'll put up another post here with more information once I put the items up for sale)

Also, here's another picture from the previous photo-set:

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Story & A Video

So, as you all know, the other night I dressed up.

It was rather strange actually, since at the beginning of the night I felt so exhausted that I didn't at all feel like being bothered with rubbering up. However, there was something inside me that just kept saying, "put it on."

So with some hesitation I wriggled into the femskin. It felt tight and comforting against my skin as I moved around the house. I looked in the mirror and to my delight saw that I am still losing weight and was reminded how odd it is that the only time I look at myself naked is when I'm completely covered. I then squeaked into into my skintight boot-cut latex jeans and new 'mistress' jacket topped off with a rubber choker. I set the area where I would start taking pictures and decided to turn on some music.As most of you already know, I figured I'd dance around for a bit and take a video. However, as the night wound down and the gallons of sweat streamed from every crease in my outfit, I started to get really turned on.It was strange since normally when I dress I don't feel all that aroused (although I normally do get a little worked up while rubbered and masked). Right when I was going to call it a night I knew that I needed to 'satisfy' myself somehow. I started wriggling around under my naturally lubricated silicone skin and these intense waves of pleasure started coming over me. I started to experience these violent tremors and knew that I needed to turn the camera back on, even though all I wanted to do was get off.After a few minutes of rocking back and forth getting closer and closer to climax, I knew that I needed a bit of help. So I took a vibrator, turned it on full-blast, fed it into the neck of the femskin and down into the crotch. Once there the tremors became more apparent and... well, the rest is on video.
You can check it out at my 'other clip store.'I hope you all enjoyed the pictures and the story!

Friday, March 7, 2008

New Video!

I just finished editing and posting my new video PTYL derived from the song used; Prime Time of Your Life by Daft Punk.
It's actually my favorite video up so far cause it really demonstrates how the femskin functions in motion, plus I love my new outfit, plus I've been practicing how to dance a little more feminine recently. So all in all it's the only video I have up now that I actually watch for fun cause I love seeing girls dance! especially masked up, rubbery, silicone girls. ;P

I captured a few pictures from the video and put them up here as a preview. I hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

due to the drought


As I've complained here before, I've been super busy lately. This week especially has been brutal and I've had virtually no time to myself.
Wednesday was shaping up to being one of the worse days this month, especially considering I didn't get to sleep last night, but I did catch a 2 hour nap this afternoon.

Regardless, I've been exhausted, so as such I didn't make any sort of plans or anything for tonight so I would have time to sleep. Although, for those of you checking the time-stamp, I'm still up!

Anyway, with my evening plans open and my new latex items calling my name, I figured I'd dress up and see what happened.
Well, I just finished a video/picture set and it was LOTS of fun to take and yes, it features the femskin.
I made sure to make nearly all the pictures clean so I'd be able to post them up here, however I can't say the same for the videos ;p

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that there's going to be some new videos and pictures showing up here real soon and they're some of my favorite so far!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

new rubber

Well, I got something new in the mail yesterday. I've been too busy to try it on, but am hoping to get a little free time to dress up in the next couple days. So keep your eyes peeled for new pictures and videos!