Sunday, May 31, 2009

vay kay

I'm randomly going on a last-minute vacation, so I'll be away from my computer/the site until Thursday.

New content will follow

Monday, May 25, 2009

Black & Bronze photo series

Just wanted to let everyone know that there's an accompanying photo-series (45 pictures) with the 'black & bronze' video. You can find it over in the 1.5o store.

Oh, and I saw Star Trek the other day, it was really good! Go see it if you haven't already!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Black & Bronze

There's a new video over in my 'other' clip store. This one features a new prototype silicone suit by femskin and my new mask. The video above is a sample of how it moves and is taken from the new video "Black & Bronze"
you can also see another video sample of it at my 'other' clip store.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Random subjects

Alright, I haven't been at the computer much in the last few days, so it's put a lag on things. I did just recently add the 'body shots' photo series to my membership site. On that subject, I'm still in the process of trying to get some realistic shape. Hopefully in the next few dressing sessions I'll be able to get rid of a few of those flaws, I have some ideas, but they're gonna be a pain in the butt.. literally! hehe
(since I'm adding to the rear and all)

About the mask, I don't want to advertise too much about the maker since many of you seem to dislike it so much and I don't want for them to get bad advertising, but if you're really dying of interest you can e-mail me at
Anyway, it is silicone, it is air-brushed.
The poor fit is my fault, it was done primarily over the phone/long distance, long story short, my head is far too large for the mask. I think it would be pretty fantastic on someone who doesn't have an abnormally large head, unfortunately I have a big melon.
I have a female friend who is especially petite who I think it would fit perfectly, however I don't know her that well and I don't want to entirely weird her out. However, if I get the courage up and think of a good excuse, I'll try to get her in it and take some pics.. Also nothing sexual is going on with this friend (nor do I want anything sexual to happen), she just has a smaller head than mine and would be a perfect candidate to wear it. And there's definitely a part of me dying to see how this mask would look on a smaller head (although her's may be too small)

As a final note about the mask, it moves quite uniquely. I'll put a short video up here to demonstrate what I'm talking about within the next week.

Finally, I appreciate the well written/thought out comments by the latest 'anonymous' commenter.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Body Shots

New photo-set featuring a semi-new dressing system, trying to give a better shape and more realism, as always.

About the mask, I'll write more about it soon, in it's defense, it moves well even though it doesn't fit fantastically, which is my fault (my head is big). Anyway, there'll be more about it soon, but in the meantime, here is a picture of just the body =P
(from 'body shots')

Monday, May 11, 2009


Another new photo-set showing off the new mask! There are 32 pictures of which you can find in the 1.50 store.
Anyway, in this picture set I'm wearing my new mask and some clothes that a girl I'm dating left at my house. She seems to be a little careless where she leaves her things and the curiosity just got to me and I had to see if some of her clothes fit, and they did! I've also realized how difficult it is to find a good pair of jeans! All the jeans I've bought online never fit quite right or felt soft or worn in, thus I've come to realize that there is no substitute for the real thing.. which is unfortunate cause they're not mine and when she comes-a-lookin I'll give them back, leaving them where she left them (since I'm not a kleptomaniac)

About the mask:
It's a custom made silicone mask, it cost me a pretty penny and I'm not 100% sure how I feel about it yet. After a few more times putting it on and perhaps taking some videos I (and you) will have a better idea of how it is.

About the femskin:
I actually think I'm going to do something with it as is. So I'm no longer planning on putting it on e-bay =(
but who knows, I may change my mind.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

almost on e-bay

Relatively soon I'm going to put the torn femskin on e-bay. So between now and then if anyone offers me 1,000USD I'll give it to them straight away. Otherwise I'll put it on e-bay with the idea that I could convert it into a top (625 on site) and leggings (which don't exist). I should be putting it up relatively soon, unless I change my mind and decide to keep it and convert it myself, which I'm actually very tempted to do.

you can contact me at

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Mask!

Well, I was promising something interesting coming in the near future.. and here it is!The moment I got it I couldn't wait to get into it and snap off some photos.
This set is kind of small (11 pictures), but for reasons of excitement.
Anyway, you can find the rest of them over in the 1.50 store under "new mask."

Also, I'm in the market for selling the ripped femskin I have. I'll post more information regarding it, but I'd be asking for 700 USD minimum, 1,000 maximum (meaning if someone offers 1,000 dollars, then I'd give it to them straight away without hesitation or waiting for other bids/buyers).

Friday, May 1, 2009

technical difficulties

Well, I would have had the video made by tonight, but my editing program keeps freezing every time I open it.

I'll get it out soon..
I just wanted everyone to know I've been workin on it! =P