Thursday, November 26, 2009



I know, I'm still being sporadic with my updates, but life continues to be crazy. There will be some exciting real life, fetish life, and femskin stuff coming up in December, so stay tuned!
Don't eat too much turkey

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

as of late

Ahhhhhh, long gaps between posts..

Anyway, I'm gearing up to trying to be more regular about this site, but I won't be able to get back fully into it with multiple posts a week for another few weeks at least.
So, as of now I'm just working my butt off and only getting to keep enough money to live relatively frugally, without being able to save up a whole lot. So good news for those of you interested in seeing regular clothes instead of latex (cause I really can't afford latex at the moment) =/

Also, there have been some recent events that are turning out to be quite interesting, but I want to wait until they develop a bit further before blabbing about them.

I'm also going to backup a bunch of my older pictures, so I'm going to post some here sporadically before I do, enjoy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

R4T said...

First, I just wanted to give more publicity and praise to R4T for his comment:

Hey, nobody forces you to buy these videos! The internet is still a free place: Anima is free to post what she wants and to charge what she wants (and try to make money out of it in the process). And we the audience are free not to buy the videos or pictures if we think they are a waste of money or not to our liking. Or stop buying them altogether if we're disappointed too many times.

As for myself, I come here mainly to see the Femskin in action, so no, I did not buy the dancing video. The previews and description made it clear that there wouldn't be any Femsin nudity in there so I just didn't buy it. It's as simple as that.

Anima: keep up the good work and even when I know you're more into latex hopefully we can enjoy some more Femskin soon?

Thank you R4T!!

I'm only posting again having read that one particular comment...

Anyway, to give some context to what has been going through my head in terms of my site/s and content; a week or two back I met up with The Man (TM) I don't know any other aliases, we talked for a couple hours and it ended up opening my eyes to a lot of things regarding my site, my content, but most importantly my masking and fetish related indulgences.

I've had an interest in latex and masking since puberty, it wasn't until 2003 that I started exploring my fetishes because of a relationship. In 2006 I ended up making a blog, not for self-promotion, but to document my thoughts and experiences with my exploration of these interests in such a way that would be palatable to my girlfriend, since I was still trying to introduce her to the fetish world.

Since then the relationship has ended, but the blog has remained. I liked that I had something of an audience and I also liked being able to contribute some amateur pictures to the community every now and then.

My first video was actually shot by accident, since I thought I was taking a picture, but I had actually hit the video-button instead. I let the files sit on my computer for a few months until I told one of my online buddies about them and they expressed some interest in checking them out. When I heard the reaction I saw that there may actually be an audience for such content. I tried to post it here on this blog, but I was quickly asked to take it down since it was considered pornographic. I then tried to sell these items via paypal, but then had my paypal account put on hold since they had been flagged. I eventually found the site that I'm now hosting my content. This site gives me very little say in how much is charged per-video and I see very little of the amount paid.

Initially it was great to be able to recoup some of the costs of my latex and mask collection. So I ran with it, I figured that I would post content when I felt like it and any of the money made from the content would be put back into fetish or video-editing related purchases, which it has.

Over the years I've sunk thousands of dollars into my collection and have only made hundreds back. So it has never been my intention to make this any sort of business or living, since I'm not living on any of the money made from my content. However, it created an odd dynamic between me and my viewers. I recognize that since you are paying for pictures and videos, you now feel as though you have a stake or a say in what I post. I entertained this notion for quite a while and over time I unconsciously started treating my fetish like a job.

It wasn't until I talked to TM that I recognized just how far away I've gotten from my initial reasons in making this site. I thought back and noticed that every time I'd get suited up I was no longer getting tingles of excitement with dressing, but rather it felt as though I was putting on an elaborate work-outfit. For the past year almost, there have only been a handful of occasions where I've actually felt excited about dressing.. and that thought just makes me want to stop dressing altogether.

Anyway, I appreciate the felicitous, and to a lesser degree the specious arguments (more of a humorous appreciation) posed by a few of my commentors. However, I've been re-thinking my fetish and this site in general.
At the moment I think I'm going to take it back to basics, where I'll use this site more as a forum for discussion and fetish related thoughts and anecdotes. I'll still post content, but only when I feel compelled to. This probably means I won't be posting as often, but I'm sure that what I do post will be of higher quality (not higher production).

As a final note:
This site started out as a labor of love and I intend on bringing it back to that place, even if it means I'll be forced to curtail my fetish spending since I'll be making less (or nothing) from it.
This may frustrate the majority of my audience, however it will surely please my quality visitors, friends, and most importantly, myself.