Friday, February 26, 2010


Hey, Sorry for the lack of posts of any sort for the last bit. The weather here on the east coast has been insane and so has followed my physical state.
I've been pretty down and out with a cold for the past week. I'm hoping that I'll be feeling better after resting some this weekend

Monday, February 8, 2010

the fling, part 2

I know, there wasn't a part 1, but I'm just arbitrarily calling the previous story 'the fling'

Anyway, we hung out a few more times, and each time she'd make her way up to my area, she'd try her hardest to make me buy her clothes and food, then we would end up at my place watching a movie where one thing would lead to another, blah blah. After our third time sleeping together I found myself losing interest, given that we had basically nothing in common, aside from our complementary plumbing.

I felt as though I was at an impasse given that the present situation wasn't very interesting to me. So I decided that I was going to either A) do something to potentially improve the 'relationship' or B) end it completely.

The next time we were hanging out, I asked if she would be interested in doing something kinky. She seemed almost excited at the prospect of doing something sexually deviant, which was something of an unexpected response. When we got to the portion of the evening where were heading to my bed, I started explaining that I'd like for her to wear some latex garments. I pointed at a pile of black rubber and she started sorting through it.
She selected a libidex-made dress and stockings. I easily helped her into the outfit, easily since she's quite fit.

I was hoping that sharing my fetish with her would somehow spark some bonding and closeness with her that I was otherwise not achieving. Of course, once she was dressed I was basically incapable of keeping my hands to myself, but once things got sexual, it began going down the same path of feeling disconnected and odd about the encounter.

Part of the way through she started barking orders to me: harder! harder! I was taken aback, since I had never had such a demanding partner. I tried to do as she said, but as I did she demanded, "pull my hair!"
I stopped momentarily and thought; sex and aggression are two things that don't go together at all! for me at least. However, I was subjecting her to some of my fetishes, it would be unfair for me not to entertain hers.
"What's up?" she asked, given the abeyance in action.
"Do you mind if I go put a dildo on?" I figured I would up the ante a bit before trying to satisfy her demand. However, given my strange question, I was expecting to give a further explanation. So with my lips pursed, ready to inform her of what I was planning on doing-
"Sure!" she abruptly responded.

I was a little surprised, but I figured I wouldn't go against a good thing.

I went into the bathroom and tucked myself between my legs as I slid the harness in place. Once I situated the base of the prosthetic to the base of my member I pulled a pair of moulded rubber briefs over top the harness.

I made my way back to the bed with the tip of my newly enlarged member bouncing with each step to her motionless body laying there sprawled out in a pile of trussed hair and shining latex.
Already belly down, I pinned her chest down to the sheets and slid in. She purred at the increased size as I tried my hardest to be as violent as possible, but it was difficult for me to muster the energy to satisfy.

"Pull my hair!"
My hand leapt up without a conscious thought going through my mind. My fingers made divisions of hair in her scalp as it drew up the back of her head.
"Now pull!"
I made a fist and lightly pulled.
I applied a little more force.
Out of frustration I tugged violently, followed by an immediate feeling of remorse. Her faced quickly jerk up, "Good!"

This continued on for a few more minutes and I slowly brought it to an end. I again felt disconnected from her and even more strange about the situation as a whole.

After that point she went abroad to visit her mother for a month. I felt like this would be a good opportunity for me to remove myself from the situation and cut contact. However, unexpectedly, even while away she continued contacting me...

To be continued...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Flower Dress

Y'all know the drill.

In other news-
I feel like it's time that I give at least something of a general update as of the happenings over the past few months.

Anyway, up until very recently I've been working like crazy, which contributed to the lack of posts made to this site. Aside from that I've been trying to enjoy myself as much as I can with going out, meeting people, making new friends, and generally trying to live somewhat of a normal life.
Now that I'm coming back to the scene I find myself less excited about masking and dressing than I was in the past, however, if you've followed this site long enough, you know that I cycle in and out of interest with rubber and masking. So I'm guessing that this is just a low point to be followed by a high one.

The closest thing I have to a fetish related experience in the past few months was when I was dating a girl from Philly a couple months back.
We hung out a few times and I couldn't entirely gauge whether she liked me or not. I found her quite attractive, but not much else. That's not to say she's unintelligent or boring, but that I only really felt as though we clicked on a physical level. Around our fourth *date* she suggested we go back to my place to watch a movie.
I agreed.

I put the DVD into the player and she turned off the lights, I realized that it had been a while since I've actually been on dates with anyone or had to consider if, when, and how to cross that physical barrier between platonic and romantic.

About twenty minutes into the movie she made it reasonably obvious what her intentions were when she started a relentless tickle assault. I knew how this would end, and for whatever reason the predictability of the action made me lose some interest in her..
We started kissing all while trying to awkwardly position ourselves on my tiny worn couch. She asked if I had a bed, I silently gestured toward my room.

::and to quickly put all of this into context, I normally only kiss and fool around with people I've known for at least a few weeks, and I definitely don't take things any further than that until a month or two into an established relationship. That is to say, I'm something of a prude, but that's just how it's been with me::

As we laid down I consciously thought, "where is this going tonight?" I had no answer for myself at the time. We continued kissing, she began undressing me, which made me a little uncomfortable, then as she reached my belt buckle I was prepared to stop it all, given that I felt as though I didn't know her all that well. Before I could voice a complaint, she was already neck deep in.. me. Sorry, I don't want to be too graphic here =P

One thing led to another and we were having sex, my mind basically switched to animal mode and I found myself lost in the moment, before I knew it I was twitching and groaning to a climax as she pulled me in deeper and deeper with the heels of her feet.

Afterward, I quickly jumped off her as though nothing had happened. I put my clothes on and organized her garments into a neat pile at the foot of the bed. She slowly sat up, as though expecting some additional affection, but I couldn't shake the feeling that I had just allowed things to move far too quickly.

The first few minutes of the ride home were awkward at best, we sat silently across from one another while she caressed my free hand. I couldn't bring myself to make conversation being lost in thought; why did I just let that happen? do I like this person? do I want a relationship with this person? if I don't know the answers to these questions, why did I sleep with her?

I eventually shook myself from the stupor and was able to be civil again. I dropped her off at home, she kissed me good night and that was the end of that day..

There is more to tell, but that will have to be for another night since it's nearly 4am. Gosh!