Friday, February 25, 2011

A few *updates*

I put together picture archives for 2009 and 2010, you can find it over on the right bar under 'specials'

2010 archive - 6 USD - including 6 photo archives:

2009 archive - 18 USD - including 18 photo archives:

and I have updated the 'everything' special to include the 2009 & 2010 archives- 40 USD

Jennifer Lopez EverSleek (SuperLiso) Commercial By L'Oreal

sick month

This is the third time that I've been sick in the past month! Anyway, I've also been really busy with random things that have also kept me from dressing, which is really unfortunate since I just got a few new items from libidex. So I have no idea when I'll be masking again, partially because I keep getting sick, partially because I have no time these days!

Anyway, I got a few e-mails about the sex video, but unfortunately that idea is off the table. The reason why is because I just started dating someone new a little over a month ago and she is less open to perverse stuff than the other girl I was sleeping with. However, I am hoping to get this one into latex relatively soon, but I highly doubt she'll be up for masking or taping our sexual endeavors.

Anyway, once I get better and catch up with work I'll be back to dressing and posting content! in the meantime, I just saw a relevant commercial! Here it is:

or just check above