Thursday, July 12, 2012


So my last update was a little misleading...
I haven't been masking for the past couple months due to the warm weather and because my girlfriend moved in with me. I have been introducing her to my latex fetish, and she has been taking to it pretty well. Although she still doesn't know about my masking or CDing ways, so as a result I haven't been dressing and probably won't start again until August.

From searching dollspride I'm pleased to see in my absence there are a number of great maskers out there creating wonderful photos and videos. So for anyone who were fans of my media, I'm happy to know that they have other places to look.

About this site:
I'll hopefully be posting new images and videos in the Fall. Also, I won't be able to use paypal anymore, so I'll try using google-wallet for a bit, however given the new large size of the image and video files generated by my new camera, it's looking as though my sales will have to happen through my clips4sale site, which means that they will cost a bit more.

You can still find my series "shiny shoes" over at the image site by clicking my "::image site::" link or clicking the text here.