Saturday, July 12, 2014

Too much rubber!

This photoshoot was actually the product of a botched photo-shoot. I was trying to layer a lot of padding beneath 2 catsuits, however the second suit wouldn't fit over the first and the padding. So I threw on my Simon O latex jeans and skin two rubber tank-top and saw what I could do. 

For whatever reason I thought it was a good idea to wear an open-faced hood over the mask, however in the end it ended up making the mask fit kind of funny. It also made it kind of uncomfortable to wear. 

I was wearing a lot of shape-gear, however under the pressure of all the layers it squeezed it down so much that it's barely noticeable. What do you think?
Wearing a libidex Seduction Catsuit, open face hood, femskin shape girdle (type II I believe), and gigantic breast inserts, I can't remember the cup size.

Looking at the pictures now, the breasts look a little disproportionate, however the hips don't look so bad.