Saturday, May 31, 2008

white-haired trash

More pictures & videos to come...

Friday, May 30, 2008

Fry Day

Gooooosh, I'm sooo out of it on account of getting nearly no sleep last night, however I felt compelled to make an update given that I see my last one was nearly a week ago.
I should be making a real update soon, aside from just letting you all know that I'm pooped.

Monday, May 26, 2008


So I realize that I've been making lots of pay-content, but not sharing all that many free pictures!!! So, I'm just gonna air out some photos on you all to show some appreciation for helping me keep my latex/masking fetish going!
I'm saying this cause I just ordered a new top from westwardbound and am placing an order with skintwo/honour, that's right! hundreds of dollars of new gear on the way! However, as you all probably know, that could just mean one or two garments (since latex is SO EXPENSIVE!)
regardless... Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Alright, so for a personal update
Well, today I spent most of the day cleaning. I actually organized nearly all my rubber/silicone/etc. into different areas. So for the first time ever I actually have an organizing system; rubber gloves/socks/stockings in one drawer, shapers/breast forms/etc. in another etc. etc.
I'm actually pretty excited about it, so now when I dress I won't have to look anymore, I'll just know where everything is..
well, I thought it was exciting at least. However, I'm not totally done organizing it just yet.

I've also been trying to find a new place to take pictures/videos, I have a room in mind.. well, it's an area I've already taken pictures in, but I just want to dress it up a little differently. I'm hoping that I'll get some better shots out of it. It's also kind of a necessity that I mask in a new place since I need to be in front of a mirror now that I use the femask, cause I can't see out of it all that well. (I'm used to wearing masks that have open eyes)

So for the quasi interesting part of the update:
So about this girl, I really don't want to disclose too much about her aside from that I'm really into her, but recognize that it's not going to last. I give it another month, tops.
In the meantime, her and I have talked quite a bit about latex, however it's been fairly unprovoked by me. She just brings it up randomly, I originally thought it was out of interest, but I'm now thinking it's more just to fill the silence when we don't know what to talk about.
She seems fascinated by it, but at the same time is extremely reluctant to try it out. I was actually kind of surprised that she vehemently turned down a casual request of mine for her to wear my latex jeans.
We're now in the process of making deals that are half-way jokes, half-way serious requests. She wants me to have a drink with her, in exchange she'll wear something latex. I know most of you think that's an odd request, but I don't drink, so it really is kind of a large exchange. Just earlier tonight she added that she'd have to be able to drive my car also, which is something that's fairly out the question to me. For some reason I'm really anal about people driving my car, especially since it's a stick-shift and she doesn't know how to drive one.
Although, for that I may ask something more of her, perhaps involving pictures, but we'll see.

Anyway, not a whole lot else has been going on, just working and looking for more work, that's been fundamentally it. I'm hoping to take some more in the near future, but who knows when that'll be!?

Annnnnd how could I forget?
There's another video! The title is 'Satisfaction' and you can find it over on the right
(pictures taken from the video below)
I was originally going to post this on my other clip store, but upon watching it realized that it's really not that explicit, so you can find it in the 1.50 store.. lucky you!
Anyway, a quick synopsis: I'm holding the camera the whole time, so it's a little shaky, but it's essentially me taking a vibrating egg and... umm.. having some fun in it.. and yes, everything acted out IS real =D

Also, I've updated my deals in the 'specials' section.

Wow, what an update,


So I took a photo/video shoot the other day and finally got around to formatting the clip I took along with the pictures. Anyway, to give a brief synopsis of the video; I change masks & wigs trying to find the right look, eventually finding it =P

Also, I used a different method of editing/capturing the video, so it should be higher quality than usual. I hope you all enjoy it!

Anyway, it's over in the 1.50 store.

In other news, haven't been masking or wearing latex too much lately. I've been more concerned with my rather strange love-life, however I don't want to bore you all with the details of it, unless asked to of course.
However, we have discussed latex on a number of occasions, I asked her to wear something, but she suddenly turned timid. I'm not sure whether I'll be getting her into any rubber anytime soon, however if I do I doubt she'll let me take pictures. Although, I suspect that everything with this new girl is going to crash and burn before any rubber-fun happens.
Blek, regardless, I may be having an exciting fetish-related surprise coming up soon. I'll keep you all posted if it happens.... OOOooh the mystery!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

soon soon

Ok ok, I appreciate the comments =D

Anyway, I'll be putting up a larger update soon. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nearly a week!

Wow, it's been nearly a week since I've made an update! Although, I've been busy with work related stuff as well as laying the foundation for a new relationship.. it's been exciting.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that there's new stuff on the way
(top by Betty LaBamba)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Since I don't have any new videos, why not have some shameless self-promotion? Anyway, for those of you who haven't seen all my videos, this may be an interesting look at things you've missed.
Also, in the second half of the clip it shows brief portions of my videos from my 'other' clip store. However these clips are quite brief, the reason being because they have lots of mature content in them. So I can't really show much here.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Anonymous said...

most of us are probably just waiting for the next video.
but i don't have any suggestions on what they should be.
i'm sure others will have better ideas.
good luck with the love life.

Well thank you for the comment and the humility. I really don't know what I'll do for the next video. Some asked for another dance video.. and you all know how I love to dance! Although, we'll see what comes out. I'm kind of thinking about mixing latex with vanilla clothes and the femskin of course, so we will see!

Anonymous said...

Your "Stripes" series is still the hottest thing ever, any more of the same would be awesome!
Sorry for not leaving more comments, I troll until there's a new video.

Duly noted. I'll try to think of something similar, cause it was a VERY easy video to make.. and I am kind of lazy, so I'll consider making something like Stripes in the future.

Vesper said...

get the girl involved!

I wish!! It's kind of a long story, but there really won't be any videos involving her in the near future.. sorry. However, if the opportunity arises, I'll definitely do it.

ClosetMonster said...

Can't blame you for having a life. Enjoy yourself. Ideas have a way of sneaking up on you while you're occupied with other things.

Thank you for the recognition that I have a life, however I have to admit that I've been wanting to dress lately. I just haven't taken any new pix or videos due to social obligations; between seeing this girl, neglecting a few friends, and having one that's leaving soon, I just don't have much time to mask.. which usually takes an entire night for me. =P

Anonymous said...

I love your site speially the femskin vids.
Do you think, that you will offer them in a better quality (Hi-Res)?

Unfortunately I won't be offering the videos in Hi-Res, the main reason being that I don't have a hi-res camcorder. Sorry..

Anyway, I'm happy that I got so many responses! lets try to make a habit of that, shall we? =D

Monday, May 5, 2008

at a loss

what to talk about... what to talk about...
Well, I've had some weird sexual experiences recently and have been generally exhausted from not sleeping, courting this girl, being pursued by another girl, and just generally living.

I've been meaning to dress up lately, but haven't had the energy or the time.

So I figured I'd post some pictures from random shoots that I haven't yet put up here.

Anyway, I'd appreciate some comments, neat/fetish related links, or interesting subjects of conversation, cause I've been really at a loss as to what I should be posting or discussing or talking about.
Because without feedback it's difficult to know what people want! or even what to write.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Well, things have been going swimmingly in my love life. However, what's good for me is closer to what would be considered bad for most other people..
So to just generally be nice, here's more pictures from the photo set hermAphrodite

Oh yeah, and the shirt I'm wearing in these pictures ripped shortly after the photo-shoot.

Friday, May 2, 2008

busy bee

weeeeeeelp, I've been without time lately, so here are a few pictures for you all to look at.