Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Away From Computer

Hey all, sorry for the extreme lack in updates as of lately.

I haven't been away or anything legitimate like that. About a month ago I momentarily got back in touch with an ex of mine, things sparked once again, and we spent a lot of time together. She was one of 3 major major relationships and loves of my life. So it was emotional and wonderful while we were together again, however I only let her back in given that she was planning on living abroad for a year. So I knew that even if we did get back together it would have a time-limit on it.

For some reason I've found myself constantly drawn to untenable situations.
Anyway, while she was around she was frequently asking to wear latex, which was completely strange to me because when we were involved she didn't seem to like wearing it at all. However, now she asked to involve latex basically every time we slept together, which was great.
BUT! she's gone now and I'm starting to get back to real life, which partially includes this site and my Anima side.

The other night I was actually itching to wear some silicone and rubber, but I just haven't this summer since it's been so obscenely hot. So in the meantime I'm planning on getting back on the selling wagon. I'm presently organizing the stuff I want to sell and am taking pictures, so the next thing to hit e-bay should be up here soon. I'll also add a 'buy it now' button for the auction, since I was contacted by a number of people asking how much I would want to take the item off of ebay.

Although, if I do happen to dress (and take pictures), they'll be here first! So make sure to check back!