Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Unnatural Beauty Photo Set

I have been planning on dressing for a while, but just haven't had the time! So last night I had the evening off and decided to get dressed up! I've actually been thinking a lot about my fetish and masking recently.

Over the past few months I have been accumulating a library of fetish pictures and realized that my fetish falls largely into two separate categories: latex and total enclosure. I of course like cross dressing, but only enjoy it if it involves at least one of the the two previous fetishes.

In the past I have received numerous comments asking whether I would try wearing 'normal' clothes instead of always donning rubber. I took the criticism and tried wearing more vanilla clothes, however when looking through the collection of pictures I have taken over the past few years the latex/total enclosure outfits resonated with me the most. However, I still enjoyed the vanilla clothes photo-sets because there is still an element of total enclosure when dolling up from wearing the femskin and mask together. However, I think this juxtaposition goes largely unnoticed. I realize that many of you look at me dressed in vanilla clothes as being closer to a 'natural' look, however I don't think many of you realize that my fetish is actually being satisfied largely through being totally enclosed in the doll-suit itself.

So along with people asking me to wear cotton instead of latex, I've also been asked to wear lingerie. So I decided I would get some latex undies from libidex (my favorite latex company) since wearing a regular bra and panties doesn't really excite me all that much. However, now having seen these pictures, I may just buy some cotton underwear since I feel like my shaping methodology is getting better and better, to a point where I can actually start pulling off lingerie.

With this photo-series specifically I liked playing with the idea of wearing something loose, like an over-sized dress shirt along with testing how the bra and panties would look with my new shaping technique. I also decided to reduce my chest size since I have noticed that lots of cross-dressers place too much emphasis on gigantic breasts to the point where it looks like there are two torpedos trying to push their way through any garments covering them. I think this reduction gave me a more natural look or rather, it made the bra work, opposed to looking like a stretched rubber band covering my chest.
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There are 26 pictures total, enjoy!