Sunday, November 13, 2011

more obstacles

So it turns out that my paypal account has been permanently restricted, which means that I can't get it back up and running, ever. I tried making an appeal and it was denied, so as of right now the only alternative that I can think of is using the 4-sale site.

If anyone knows of a photo-hosting/sharing service that works on the same basic principle as the previous method I was using or the clips4sale site, but costs less (and allows for mature content) then please drop me a comment or e-mail me at

As of recently I've been so busy in my normal life and so annoyed at my interactions with paypal I'm considering just keeping my photos and videos private (or just settling on the clips4sale site). So if someone can think of and give me a good solution to this problem, then I would be more than happy to hear it, otherwise the plan is to keep my pictures private or post them on the clips for sale site for 6 USD a set :(

Thursday, November 10, 2011

account freeze

So apparently paypal has frozen my account as of today. I'm trying to work it out right now, but it's looking as though it will take a while to do. So in the meantime, you can find that set at my 'other image store'

check it out here:
-make sure to scroll to the bottom

I'm hoping that I don't need to keep selling via this site, since A) I get paid less and B) it costs you guys more. In the meantime this is what I'll be using, but I'll be working on getting my old way working so it'll cost less. Jeeeez!!!! :(

I'll be posting stuff up there throughout the week, I'm hoping to entirely back up all my files through the 4-sale sites just in case

Monday, November 7, 2011

Rubber Jeans Redux

Dusting off my rubber jeans for another photo-shoot! This is probably the most totally enclosed I've ever been. 18 pictures in total, enjoy!