Monday, August 11, 2014

Femskin + Latex + Clothing Sale!

Roxy Silicone Mask with Eyebrows

 I absolutely love love love this mask and it's really difficult getting rid of it, especially since I have only worn it about a dozen times, but I need the space. The mask itself is in perfect condition and I will ship with the bust included. 

Greyland Masks (Lolita & Theresa)
60 USD for both (40 USD for each individually)

Both masks are in the condition I received them in. The Theresa mask has a little discoloration on the side, but I received it that way, and when you're all dolled up, it won't show anyway.

Femskin Products

Fem girdle – type I (850 retail) 
300 OBO (+60 Shipping)

There is some slight tearing near the crotch and near the waist line, there is also some discoloration on the rear (as can be seen in the pictures). After cleaning the item I realized that this discoloration will probably not come out. The girdle is still absolutely perfect for shaping under garments and will shake and wiggle just like real flesh. (the pictures taken on the black background are their current condition)

4 pairs of femix A + B (8 bottles total) (Retail 30 USD each pair)
15 dollars each pair (+10 USD shipping, will bundle)
four pairs of Femix, parts A and B for sale

2 large femskin breast forms DD - (retail- 200 USD)
50 OBO (+10 USD shipping)

large femskin breast forms DD size, these are prototype models, where the front is hard silicone, but the back and inside are soft gel-like silicone, that helps them stick to the body. They are extraordinarily soft and supple.

2 small femskin breast forms C – (retail 150)
40 USD OBO (+10 USD shipping)

Small femskin breast form prototypes. These are soft silicone covered in a shell of harder silicone. They don’t feel like normal breast-inserts, certainly more authentic feeling than what you will find on ebay

2 femskin pouches (to be worn under type I girdle or femskin)
30 USD OBO each (+10 USD shipping)

pouches to be worn under the femskin or femgirdle I (built in to the femgirdle II). These pouches have never been used. The one with the tube is the pee-pouch that will be sold with the femskin. (only the item on the left (without the tube is for sale under this listing). 


Spiderman suit – back zip
180 USD OBO (+10 USD shipping)

One of my favorite catsuits ever, from the pictures you can see that the craftsmanship is absolutely amazing, made by latex catfish. The suit has attached feet, gloves, and comes with the mask, as seen in the picture. It is back-zip entry, the zipper goes through the crotch and is a standard 3-way style zip. It was custom made, so it cost extra and I still adore this suit, one of the harder items to let go.

Sleeve: 56cm
Waist: 87.5cm
Total body height: 173cm

Simplified dimensions: Fits a male who is 5'6" - 5'8" generally an American Medium in terms of sizing. 

Polymorph mens black catsuit - size Medium
400 USD (+10 USD shipping)

Black mens Polymorph catsuit. Perfect condition with wrist and ankle zips and a 3-way front zip that goes through to the rear. Thick gage latex, this is one of my favorite suits, will only let go at the right price.
It's a size medium, laid flat the waist is 13 inches across.

Westward bound dress – with laces in front
100 USD OBO (+10 USD shipping)

beautiful dress that never fit me quite right and was only worn once (in the pictures above), wonderful condition, and the design has been discontinued, so this is the only place you will find a dress like this.
size- laid flat it is 14" across the waist, 33" from shoulder strap to bottom of dress.

Black front zip top size - small
30 USD (+10 USD shipping)

Bought in Paris on a trip, glued moulded latex, cool high-neck design. For moulded rubber, it is particularly high quality.
size - waist laid flat 13.75"
height from bottom to top of neck 24.10"

Military shirt by Westward bound, size 18, black with red trim. It is missing one of the shoulder straps, but otherwise in perfect condition.
size - 16.5" bust when laid flat

Mens short black with red trim - Size Medium
30 USD (+10 USD shipping)

Mens latex shorts, size medium
waist laid flat - 13.75"

Black bell bottom pants with purple trim
50 USD (+10 USD shipping)

Glued latex bell-bottoms from an e-bay seller years ago. Funky design, very thin latex, so it will show off your curves beautifully.
Size - waist (laid flat) 13.5"
Inseam (laid flat, from the bottom of the crotch to the top of the pants) - 10"


Rubber Elbow Length Black Gloves (size large)

Made of moulded latex, only worn a couple times. I believe they are size large


C-Cup breast forms
40 USD (+10 USD shipping)

C-cup size, standard nipple-less forms that perfectly shape for the smaller gals J

Cloth Breast and Hip Pads 
The breast inserts are C cup sized and the hip pads are one sized fits all. Machine washable, very comfortable against the skin and they breathe, so it will keep you cool under multiple layers.


Black Gauntlets (one size fits all)

One size fits most. Made of Cotton and fake leather and metal buckles.

One pair of welders goggles

One pair of 'fly eye' goggles, with extra large lenses

Gummi Fingerless Gloves 
30 USD
Gummi-goth fingerless spiked gloves. I'm asking 30USD for them, since they discontinued making these shortly after I purchased them and haven't been able to find anything similar.
One size fits all.

Tomb Searcher Outfit
40 USD

Only worn once, I'm asking for 40 dollars.
Includes: brown hot pants, teal sleeveless top, backpack, holster with metal buckles, wig, fingerless gloves, red tint sunglasses, 2 toy guns, and 4 toy grenades.

Ordering Information

OBO - stands for Or Best Offer, meaning if you pay the asking price, past the closing time, it's yours. Otherwise you can message me with a bid, and if after enough time nobody has offered more, then it's yours!  However, I reserve the right to not consider offers that are too low.

Closing time -  I'm hoping to have nearly everything sold by Sunday 8/17/14. After this time lower bids will be considered and paying asking price will mean I will hold it for you until payment has been processed. 

Payment - I will be using Square (credit cards) or money orders.

If we use square I will forward you an invoice with an additional 3% charge on the whole purchase (including shipping)
I will also accept money orders. If we use a money order, then there will be no additional charges.
If you pick up in person, then I will only accept cash (no shipping or additional fees)

Processing - I am busy these days, so if you send me a message, please allow two days for a reply. 

Shipping - will ship via USPS, unless you want to pick up in person. Located in central New Jersey.
For international orders add 50% to shipping costs.
Ordering - all orders will be handled through e-mail. So message me at to make an order or bid.