Monday, January 28, 2008

Response and a quick photo-shoot

First the response.

I'm happy you guys are enjoying the video and for those of you who've seen part 2, I know that you're all wanting to see 'more'. However, at the moment I'm not certain as to what I can and can't sell. Fetish related stuff, latex, masking, etc. that's all fine, however there's some line that I can't cross under penalty of having my account frozen and being unable to distribute any of the material. So I'm not trying to play around with my account at the moment, so there's not going to be anything overtly explicit.
Things I know I can't sell are items dealing with penetration, phallic objects, and I am assuming vaginal ones as well. However, I'm not sure, so we will see what the future brings in terms of material I can/will put on here.

My apologies for not giving you all exactly what you want, but there are forces at work that are out of my control, but within my ability to look into. So we will see.


Well, earlier tonight I had a bit of a gap in my schedule and thought of a few things I'd like to try on, just for the fun of it. It kind of snowballed into me getting fairly dressed up. While I was dressed I figured I'd snap off a few shots, but in the midst of this impromptu photo-shoot, a friend called (of whom I was supposed to hang out with, but figured he'd flake on me), so I put down the camera, de-rubbered, and showered. So I didn't get that many pictures and unfortunately, no videos..
anyway, I figured I'd share a few of the shots I took earlier tonight.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

So, does anyone remember "Anima's Rubber Fund"?
I implemented it a long long time ago, it was an account that I opened where people could make donations if they were feeling especially giving and all the proceeds would only go into my masking/fetish/latex collection.
However, in the entirety of its existence it has never received a donation, until last week. To my surprise the people at femskin made a very generous deposit into this rubber fund. I originally thought it was a mistake, but then upon messaging them back realized that it was entirely intentional.

So, I thought I'd pass the random act of generosity on to the rest of you with this video I took a few days ago:

The second part is over on the right.

Furthermore, I've added discounted bundles over on the bottom right.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Well, I've had my case appealed with pay-pal, which means that everything is back up and running, that is.. after I got rid of "the silver bullet" and "dildo briefs" videos. Which isn't that big of a deal, especially considering that they weren't being downloaded very frequently at all.

Perhaps in the future I'll do something with them, but not through this site and not through pay-pal. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that my media is back up and running.

In other news:
The Libidex Streamline catsuit has been bid on once, so it will be getting sold. So if you're interested in it, you've got 1 day left before it gets away!

Also, I have a surprise in store for everyone coming soon!
Here's a preview

Monday, January 21, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Well, it's been established by Paypal that the content I'm offering is considered 'mature' which I will dispute, but I really think it's a losing battle. So in the meantime, I don't think I can sell any of the items on my site, I'll probably also be taking down the buttons relatively soon, but when I come to a resolution (which will hopefully be soon) I'll get everything back up and running.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A night in - Parts 3 and 4 (washing up) & (later that night)

Well, it seems that a few of you have already noticed that I have a new video up!

To give a brief synopsis:
It's me de-robing, showering, brushing my teeth, putting on my PJ's (well, black panties) then getting ready for bed + waking up in the middle of the night and getting a drink. (there is some nudity in this one, so it's not for the kiddies).

I was originally going to have them be two separate videos, however part 4 ended up being so dark, I wasn't able to use most of the footage taken for it. So in the semi-near future I'm going to re-make it in rubber and with better lighting and perhaps a higher-grade camera, if I can get one working.

Anyway, because it was so short, I figured I'd append it to part 3, making the video nearly 5 minutes!
So I hope you guys enjoy it!!!

In Other news
I'm selling more of my latex collection.

Remember this catsuit?

It's a freakin' fantastic suit, but... alas, I'm getting rid of it. I need to pay off a few things and... well, I'm sad to see it leave my collection, but it's gotta go.

If you're interested in getting a GREAT womens Libidex catsuit or perhaps some authentic Anima-gear =P
then check out my listing on e-bay.
Item number: 220191827155
You can also check it out at this link.

I'd write more but... It's really late, I'll get more up in the next update.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A night in - Part 2 (making dinner)

Well, it's up over there on the right. It's not too interesting, I'm just making dinner while wearing my mask, doll gloves, femskin, and vanilla clothes. However, I don't want to get everyone's hopes up, you don't get to see hardly any of the skin (that'll be in the following installments), but you do get to see me all masked and hungry!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Sooooooooo, I did some filming a bit ago and have been editing and editing and editing.
I'm done with parts of it, however I've still got a ways to go before I get everything all ready. Anyway, the filming was a bit awkward, cause I've never had anyone videotape me while masked and now femskinned, so that was kind of an experience. However, it's taught me some valuable lessons about what reads well, what doesn't, etc. I also learned that my camera does not capture images very well in the dark, as you will see below.

Anyway, here's the first installment in a 4 part series. I decided to post the first part here for free cause:
1) it's G-rated
2) it's REALLY dark and hard to see
3) it's super short and well... it's just an introduction.
4) cause I was feeling generous ;P

A night in - pt 1 (of 4)

Also, for those of you interested.. I'm wearing the femskin throughout the whole series, but you don't get to see any skin until later..

Thank you to ClosetMonster for linking my site up on his start-page.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

random sighting

I'm super sleepy, but I just finished watching "Paprika" (a movie).
I wasn't expecting it, but there's actually a masking scene of sorts in it. It's a little hard to explain, but a girl basically gets her skin torn in half from her naval to cranium and it reveals a naked woman who is pulled from the husk.

It's a quick scene, maybe only 5-10 seconds shortly after the hour-mark in the movie, so it's hardly worth the rental unless you're already interested in seeing it. Just to give a quick review, I thought it was pretty good (visually at least), but I would only suggest it to those who like anime and particularly liked Paranoia Agent (an anime series which is artistically and conceptually very similar to this movie).

K, to bed for me.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Getting better...

Well, I'm starting to feel a lot better and I'm finally getting back to work, which is great..

Anyway, in my boredom, I took heed to some of the suggestions made about a week ago and added thumbnails of the videos near where you can buy them over on the right. Hope that helps as a visual aid for you guys.

As far as fetish related stuff... nothing much has happened lately. I mean, I was sick, so that kind of killed the latex lovin' side of me.
But, as I'm feeling better, I'm preparing to take some more pictures and videos. I've already got some stuff in mind of what I am going to shoot, so it'll be more of an experiment in making a rather simple and perhaps mildly mundane one-person narrative than anything else.
I'm also expecting that it'll be difficult to keep my mask looking good and realistic. With the femskin, it now seems like my body is state-of-the-art while my head is a little outdated... So I'll have to figure something out to do with my appearance... although.... I've gotten so attached to my foam-rubber face!! If I change my mask, I just wouldn't feel like Anima anymore!

I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

clearing my head...

I'll start by answering a few questions about the femskin (from teejay).

1. how much of you does it cover and how anatomically correct is it?

It's made like a leotard; it covers from my ankles up to the base of my neck and is sleeveless.
It's anatomically correct in that it has molded/painted nipples and a clitoral area, but I didn't spring for the anal attachment.. none of which I can post pictures of up here.

2. from pictures i saw previously, the breasts looked a bit funky and a bit unnatural. do they actually stretch out enough to allow for larger breast forms?

They are pretty good in that they're fairly resistant to the 'uniboob' effect, however they're really meant to be worn with breast forms that are about C-cups. If you go any larger, then you will get some definite uniboobage.

3. is it comfortable to wear or is it uncomfortably tight?

It is pretty comfortable and stretches fairly easily. The main problem I have with it is that it's well.. fragile. I'm afraid that when I sit down I'll create permanent scrapes and cuts in it, which I've already done by wearing tight clothes over it. I also suspect that it would be VERY easy to tear, not to say that I have done that yet. But there are portions of the suit that are extremely thin and I can see easy tearing potential in the future.

Personal update:
So I'm feeling a little better, getting over my illness, but still not fully back. I'm hoping that I can get back to work in the next few days, but I'll have to see. I just started eating solid foods again this afternoon, so I don't want to get too far ahead of myself.
It's kind of a downer, since I was getting so heavily into masking/CDing again, then upon getting ill I completely regressed into not thinking about anything fetish related... but I'll see how things go once I fully recover.

I'm also beginning to feel like I'm becoming a salesman in thinking about new videos/photos to take, how to shoot them, how to present them to you guys. Trying to manage/streamline my content and considering ways of getting the media to you all without being too intrusive. Considering strategies, etc, etc.
So in short, it's getting on my nerves a bit, especially because I don't want this site becoming a business, I want it to remain the same as it has. So ANYWAY, here's another pic I took semi-recently

Friday, January 4, 2008


Hey everyone...
shortly after posting the other day I came down with a wicked case of food poisoning.
Even now I'm not feeling well, but I've been running a fever and puking every hour on the hour... I've left my computer on and every time I'd make a sale I'd hear this "ding" sound, which actually woke me a couple times.

The previous videos up there I've taken over the past couple years just for the fun of it, however now that I realize that there is a market for it I plan on taking them more seriously. So as a result I've contacted a friend of mine about helping me film some more. Which'll be great, because it'll make it possible to achieve more dynamic shots.
Anyway, I'm thinking of ideas of things to shoot and once I start feeling better and my friend has some time I'll start taking new videos.. which should be pretty soon.

Anyway, while still feeling crappy I slapped together this previews video for you guys, just to give you all an idea of what I'm offering. However, some of the preview videos don't show very much, due do their nature and the fact that this video is publicly viewable:

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Change can be good.

Hi everyone, I'm gonna start with something I know most of you will appreciate.Yes... it's a femskin!

Having said that. It wasn't cheap! and I'm not exactly a millionaire with thousands of dollars to be throwing around, regardless of the fact that I did this one time.
After I basically cleared out my savings on a splurge of interest I realized that this fetish is getting more expensive than I ever anticipated... also, it's one of the new, seamless, translucent ones.
I figured I'd go top of the line as long as I was shelling out the cash.

I got the femskin a few weeks ago, but wanted to wait on making it public that I had it. The reason being, 1) I didn't want to give an inaccurate description of the item due to the excitement of getting something new and expensive 2) I've been thinking about making a change as to how I engage this site and my fetish to some extent.

So as far as my first reason..
If anybody has any questions about the femskin, feel free to ask and I'll be happy to answer them in my next post.

As far as my second reason, here is the part when I talk about how things are going to change for me and to some extent, this site.
In the past few months I've been buying lots more latex and fetish attire than usual, topping it off with the femskin. Previously I wanted to be able to make some sort of revenue from my blog, but at the same time I don't want to step on anyones toes by creating a pay-site.

The first way I tried to go about this was creating a donations button. I was hoping that some of you would be nice enough to drop me some change or maybe even a dollar or two for all my effort in making my rubbered up antics public, but no one did. However, I know if I were in your shoes I wouldn't have donated either, because regardless of donating or not, it wouldn't necessarily change the content of the site, therefore there was no REAL reason to donate, even though I did say that all the proceeds would go into me getting more rubber that would be displayed on the site... but again, if I were in your shoes, I'd rather have my money going into my own fetish rather than someone else's.

The second way was through advertisements and search bars.
Granted, this method has worked, but pays out about a hundred dollars every 2 years. Now, it's not as though I'm masking and cross dressing in order to make money, but I certainly have realized that it's not a cheap habit to keep up.

So this leaves me to the third way I am going to try to generate some revenue.
But before I get into the specifics I want to start off by saying that I gave this a lot of thought and tried to keep you, the viewers, in mind when doing this.

The obvious option was to go to the pay-site setup, meaning that in order to see my content you would need to pay a weekly/monthly fee to gain access to it. However, I personally don't belong to any pay-sites largely because I hate the idea of giving my credit info to some private site with an auto-renew policy all designed to sneakily separate me from my money. I also hate having to sign up anywhere, especially non-official sites that will just distribute my e-mail address to various parties ultimately ending in my in-box getting filled with spam.

The next option was to set up an account on some site where I could host my media and in order to download the media you, the viewer, would need to also make an account at the same site and pay a small fee in order to view the content on a pay-per-view basis.
I did like this idea because it didn't call for a weekly/monthly subscription on the part of the viewer. However, I didn't like it because it would be a pain in the butt for you guys to sign up at some obscure site and pay for every view/access.

So now, after much consideration I have finally come to a conclusion.
I have signed up with a site that works directly with pay-pal. I have inserted purchasable content on the bar to the right as you should all be able to plainly see. If you are interested in downloading any of this content, all you need is a pay-pal account (which is a completely reputable money handling site and any of you who have ever used eBay should be quite familiar with it).

All you have to do is click the "Buy Now" button, log into your pay-pal account, pay $1.50 (with no hidden fees or obligations), and you get to immediately download the content directly onto your computer, which means it's not pay-per-view, but rather you can view it as many times as you like. Also, this whole process should take under a minute.
It was the easiest option I could come up with and honestly, I can't think of any other method that would be easier without being free of course =P

So.. I've tried lots of methods to make some sort of revenue to pay off some percentage of my fetish related purchases, but nothing has worked.
And I think this way is completely reasonable. I'm only asking $1.50 in return for premium content of which is the final product of thousands of dollars of purchases on my part... Yes, Thousands of dollars.
So for the same price as a snapple, soda or less than a subway ride, cookie, crappy sandwich, or cup of coffee you can download a years worth of photos or an amazingly rare type of video... Oh yes, there's a video of me wearing a femskin in there, perhaps the first of it's kind on the web.

In closing, this is still a free site and I intend on keeping it that way. I have merely added premium content that has required work on my part and would otherwise never have hit the net, partially because it's a pain to format & post and partially because most of it is of a mature nature and couldn't be supported on youtube or any similar public video sharing site.
So, nothing is changing in terms of my content, the only thing that is changing is that I'm offering you guys more..
and if you choose to take part, then that will only act as motivation for me to generate more and of course, any money that I do make from these pictures/videos will be going into future fetish purchases that will be featured here.

SO NOTHING IS CHANGING!!! don't worry.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

First Post of 2008!

Welp, my new years was rather boring. However, I've been putting a lot of time, thought, and effort into some new updates and upcoming surprises...
Some of those surprises I'm sure you'll like, others I'm thinking you won't.

Anyway, before I get into all that fun stuff, let me just draw your attention to the upper-right corner of my blog.
D'you notice anything new?

Yup, the search bar is back. On my older blog I had one, but it wasn't very well implemented nor did it function any differently than any other search engine. However, a few days ago I was goofing around with google and found that I was able to create a custom search engine that filters for specific sites, content, etc. So the search bar you see there on the right is designed for sniffing out latex, rubber, cross dressing, masking, and all that other fun stuff.

After about 3 hours of fiddling, site gathering, and implementing I finally got it up and working.
Now, I'm not supposed to tell you to use anything on my site, but I can tell you that it's pretty neat. So don't be afraid give it a try and see how the results of my personally tuned search engine works for ya and stay tuned for other updates.