Monday, August 25, 2008

Good Girl, Bad Girl

Good Girl
good girl

Alright, well I remember someone asking for a dressing up video. So I just finished making one with vanilla clothes and all.
A brief synopsis: I start off wearing some uninteresting clothes, undress, then put on what you see above.

Length - 3 minutes, 35 seconds

It's starting to become a trend, so the video is also packaged with the photos taken during the shoot, (50 pictures).

Bad Girl

Aaaand the sequel of sorts can be found in my 'other clip store' you can link over on the top right if you'd like to see a free preview and description, the likes of which I can't even write about here.

although a couple things I can say about it is that
1) I actually get really turned on when watching it, which is weird cause it's myself.. is that narcissisms? hehe.
2) I have a version with sound in it, which I personally prefer, but I figured most of you wouldn't like all the moaning and groaning in it. However, if I receive comments/e-mails asking me to post it, I will.

too tired

Hey all,

I'm too tired to format any of my pictures/videos now, but I figured I'd give you all a teaser of the outfits I'm wearing.. not much to look at all laid out.
just trying cotton + cotton & latex.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

shopping out of town

So I've been spending some time with Z and the other day we stopped in at a girls clothing shop. It kind of reminded me of a younger, trendier, and slightly trashier version of forever 21 or H&M.
I think it was called DOTS or something... ok, upon further inspection it is dots (

Anyway, as we walked by I opted that we go inside. She was happy to hear that I was not only up for it, but volunteering for us to go inside. On the surface I may seem like a great boyfriend in that way, but I obviously have a secret agenda.
It's only when I have a girlfriend that I can really go into such stores and scope out recent fashions as well as prices. It also gives me further insight to Z's dressing strategies, likes, and dislikes, which'll hopefully end up making me a better, or at least more believable, cross dresser.

When we went inside I saw a few sales-girls and a couple customers, one was talking to an attendant. Initially it appeared that it was an older woman, but I immediately realized it was a cross dresser or transgender. I suspect that it was a cross dresser though, given the false hair, breasts, voice, and thin hips.
She quickly looked back at us and then moved to the back of the store. I felt bad that it appeared as though she was made uncomfortable, probably by my presence, being a fairly young guy and all.. I would suspect someone who looks like me would probably be the first person to accuse and ridicule a man in womens clothing of being just that, however she would have been wrong. However, I respected that she wanted to remain incognito in the back of the store, so I didn't follow after.

I then looked through the store for cute shirts with Z and started to really zero in on the types of tops that she likes. Fortunately I'm going through a phase where I'm sharing her taste, so it's nice that she picks out things that I would perhaps be interested in wearing (without me asking) and tries them on so her and I both can get a better idea of what they look like.
I've noticed that as of a few years ago from the NYU to FIT areas in Manhattan there's been this retro movement that seems like it's finally making it to the mainstream, which I am pretty happy about since it's latching on to all the cool things about 80's fashion and getting rid of most of the truly tacky parts.
These fashions are highlighted with banded bottom tops, leggings, off the shoulder and wide-neck cuts. Most of these also help to slightly obscure the waist to shoulder ratio, which I could imagine being quite nice for us guys.

Anyway, I'm still yet to tell Z about my masking, however I have no near-future plans of telling her about that part of my life, given that she's still adjusting to latex.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the polls are in

44% of you said cotton clothes were the sexiest when cross dressing
3% voted for leather
and 51% said latex.. yay for latex.

Well, I'm not hugely surprised with the results. It makes me feel a bit better about the cotton/denim/etc. clothes that I've purchased recently, but it also makes me feel good about my latex fetish and that I have no plans of quitting latex any time soon.
I'm not sure when the next time I get to mask will be, but it shouldn't be too too long.. and I'll document it of course.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sun Shower

(pictures from Sun Shower)

So there's something new over in the 1.50 store.
It's a photo-set (63 pictures) + video. A brief description of the video; I drink some water, sit out in the sun for a while, then go to the bathroom, but don't quite get there

Anyway, this may be my first daytime/outdoor photo-shoot and it was.. a little awkward. There were two families out playing and doing yard work. Fortunately we were out of eye-shot of one another, but it was still a little strange to know there were people out and walking around the whole time. I was afraid people would come over wondering what the beeping sound coming from the self-timer on my camera was.
Luckily they didn't.


eye candy

I just stumbled across this art site by arthur de pins, the same artist who did Gerald to Geraldine (a short, but cute animated film with heavy TG elements)

both are definitely worth checking out... I'll be making another update tonight.

Friday, August 15, 2008

(pictures from photo-set 'white haired trash,' they can only be found in the 'everything!' special or the 'birthday' special)

Maaan, work is taking a toll on me!
I haven't had the time or energy to dress up lately, even though I really want to! Plus with the outfits I have on the way, I really have my work cut out for me. hehe

Anyway, I was hanging out with my girlfriend earlier today, of whom I'll just call 'Z' arbitrarily, cause I kind of hate saying 'my girlfriend' all the time. Anyway, we were walking around a mall and we passed a Victoria's Secret. She opted that we go in, so we did. She wanted me to pick out something 'sexy' for her to try on. I looked around and said, "I think we're in the wrong store for that." She smiled knowing what I was referring to. I then voiced my liking for her in boy-shorts.

As we looked through different kinds and cuts of underwear two things became obvious; 1) themed cotton underwear is just silly and 2) the store-girls were watching me like little trendy hawks.

Z picked out a few items to try on and got a dressing room. She walked down the hallway toward the room, then turned back and signaled for me to come. 'Umm' I unconsciously hummed out as I took a hesitant step forward.

"You can't go in with her," a sales girl barked at me without even lifting her head from folding panties.

With a disappointed look Z went into the dressing room alone.

While I waited outside a recurring thought came back into my mind.
In general I've given my masking and female identity a lot of thought, however having girlfriends in the past have always helped shape my own view of femininity in what it is to be a girl. I think lots of us look at women sometimes think, 'wow, I wish I could look like that!' I know that I've caught myself on occasion looking at girls being utterly gorgeous, yet it seems to come to them so naturally and effortlessly that I can't help but feel a little jealous.

However, I feel like that kind of feminine beauty comes from 3 essential parts.

The first is genetic. Their hip to waist to shoulder ratio is just different from ours, it's just the way it is. Their bone structures, facial features, etc. are inherently different. So as cross-dressers there's not a whole lot we can do about that (emphasis on 'cross-dressers' and not transgendered or transexual). So for me personally, I prefer masks over anything else, so that's my personal solution to the facial differences.
However, Z has been dying to put makeup on me, so I'm going to let her do that sometime in the near future.. I'll just have to try not to enjoy it.
Also padding is my solution to the other ratio issues.

The second is based in mannerisms and movement. As a dance teacher I pay lots of attention to how people move and well, guys and girls move differently. Although, there are lots of girls that I have met and taught who don't exactly move in a feminine way, which just goes to show that on some level it's a learned skill. Although, on the flip side of the coin, men have also learned how to move like men, but all I'm getting at is that this quality of beauty is certainly attainable by men.

The third is dressing to ones strengths. I've noticed with all my girlfriends in the past have had very specific styles, as most girls do. However having gotten to know them well, I also got to know their dressing, shopping, and makeup habits quite well. I've also become familiar with their likes and dislikes aesthetically.
With my last ex for example, she always looked great wearing her hair up or down, long or short, she never wore makeup and tended to wear my clothes pretty often. So it was hard to gleen many fashion tips from her. However there were a few things she did to play up her features, but nothing to downplay, which ultimately didn't help me much in creating a 'look.'
However, with the girl I'm with now, the first few times I hung out with her I noticed she has a very specific look, which I adore, but wasn't able to put my finger on. However, upon getting to know her better, I've become familiar with her dressing preferences and strategies, one of which I'm trying to imitate with one of my new outfits coming in the mail. She also has shown me (by example) the importance of a good pair of jeans.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that many of us cross dressers latch on to certain clothes and expect that something that makes one girl look good will make us look good too, but the truth is that it's not that way at all. Through childhood and adolescence many girls play around with different fashions and garments, constantly figuring out and evaluating what works best with their body type, what will play up their positive features and what will hide their negative ones. So as someone who cross dresses I think it's important to try to do the same, what'll hide our shoulders, what'll make our hips look larger and waist smaller? Also, does the outfit overall look believable? cause things like hooker boots and sissy dresses don't mix. Finally, would anyone ever actually wear it? Which I think is one of the great things about vanilla clothes, cause it's more believable... in theory =P

"Ok, lets go."
Z snapped me back into reality,
she took my hand and we walked out of the store.
"So, how were the boy shorts?"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

surprise surprise

(photos from the 'cotton candy' photo-shoot)

I'm really surprised to see the response to normal clothes.
Anyone have any suggestions for outfits?
I mean, I probably won't buy any soon since I already have a bunch en route as well as waiting in my closet, but just to possibly guide future purchases.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


(photos from the photo-set 'doll skin')

Ok, I feel like I'm getting more pictures than I'm having posts! This will result in compulsive posting for the next little while.

Anyway, this photo-set was actually quite nice to take. It was a nice, simple outfit, very comfortable to wear, and no threat of blacking out. I'm starting to see how simplicity in clothes has it's benefits, especially when you're lazy like me. =/

I've also come to realize that I generally don't like padding or corsetry. I mean, I like how it looks, but I typically don't like how it feels. Although, I do like how the fempads look and feel, but I guess I was just too lazy to wear them in this shoot.

So in those pictures it's basically just me, in terms of shape.
just lots of fancy postures and strategic angles. hehe.

Monday, August 11, 2008

a different medium... I mean, large

So I've bought a few cotton items. I can't say I'm really pleased with them, but I haven't yet given them a full chance yet. (given that I rarely wear these clothes with the femskin/mask)

However, I have liked shopping for them, aside from trying to figure out what size I am =/
I'm somewhere between large and XL.

Anyway, I've been ready to write off vanilla clothes for a long time now. However, they are much cheaper and bargain shopping is much easier with cotton than it is with latex. So I've ordered a few outfits and am planning on getting a few more, all for the cost of 1 latex garment.
I do have to admit that I like the reduced price! As far as how it looks, you all will have to be the judge.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


this photo-set had to have been the most unpleasant I've ever taken.

For some reason at the beginning of the evening I thought that it wouldn't be all that hot, although the moment I got geared up I quickly recognized that it was going to be a warm one.

I struggled my way into my doll-legs, with the fempads and pink corset underneath. I then wriggled into my new westward bound dress, zipper top, gloves, and marquis corset. Under the pressure of two corsets and 4 layers (on some parts of my body) I was already sweating like crazy.

I was originally planning on using my liv mask, but decided to go with the femask, partially for the look, but strangely, also because of the feel.
The femask is much like a rubber hood, because well... it is. It's also about 2 sizes too small, so when I wear it, it's so tight that it's more than a second skin, but it actually reshapes my face.

A bit into the photo-set I started to become faint from the lack of oxygen from the mask pulling at my neck to corsets making it impossible for me to take in full breaths to my inability to sweat out. I became highly aware of the fact that I was completely covered head to toe in rubber as my discomfort grew.
After about 60 pictures I realized that I had to take something off or I was literally going to pass out. I went back downstairs and before getting ready to derobe I saw myself in the mirror and barely recognized who the person looking back at me was. I felt an immense sense of arousal wash over me that was somehow based on my discomfort.

I stood there a moment, feeling the liter of sweat sloshing around in the feet and ankles of the suit, straining to breathe. I then had the strong urge to wear more latex.
I started throwing on more rubber until I was under 6 layers (7 in some parts). At the end I fell to my knees gasping for air and slipping around under my suit. I began writhing around in a fit of masochistic ecstasy.

I think it was actually my first experience with discomfort becoming intense pleasure.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Best Things in Life...

are affordably priced.

Okay, well my sales have been pretty bad recently and I'm not really making enough to buy anything substantial, but I again realized that I'm not here only to sell content, so I have somewhat of a treat for you all.

So, I usually post a picture or two then direct you guys to buy a video, but I figured I'd flip around the equation this time. I just took a quick video over the past couple days with nothing in mind, then edited the crap out of it and figured I'd share it with you all.
(if you want to see the resulting 120 pictures, you can find them over in the 1.50 store under 'doll skin')

comments are appreciated

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dance Off

Welp, I've finally put up a new video in the 1.50 store. It took me forever to edit it and by forever I mean about 2 weeks. Normally putting together the footage of one of my videos take me just a couple hours, however this one I was being a little ambitious with what I was trying to do. For the most part it came together well, however I've realized that the software I'm using to edit these videos is not all that powerful.
When taking on an involved project, it's very much like trying to carve a chess piece out of a tree with a chainsaw in the dark. So there are some weird parts, but came through pretty well with all things considered.

Anyway, about the video itself, it's definitely my favorite compared to all the other things I've made so far, it was also probably the most fun to film, playing 2 characters and all. Since in the past I haven't tried to add any character to myself when dressed up. So yeah, it was a lot of fun to make.