Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Collection & Review

Over the past few weeks I've realized that my collection of cross dressing clothing, latex, masks, wigs, and other feminine paraphernalia has become fairly massive. So much so that it's literally overflowing from the room I dedicated to it into another room. Which is fairly absurd.

Anyway, though the years I've gotten a number of e-mails asking where I get my clothes, latex, masks, etc. So I figure that I'll just list a few of the places where I've gotten my items as well as my experiences with various companies.

Masks: Femask
I actually got this mask through a trade with a friend. So I never actually interacted with the company itself, however the mask itself looks pretty fantastic, however with my head-size, it's a little uncomfortable to wear. Also, I'm not a huge fan of painted eyes (cause I can't see out of them! hehe)

Greyland Film
Definitely my favorite mask manufacturer presently on the market. Everything is reasonably priced, the masks fit fantastically, and it's always a pleasure to order from them.

They're basically the same store and are basically the 'old navy' of the latex clothing industry. Everything is fairly cheap, however the quality I find to be well above average.
In general I've had very good experiences dealing with them.

I've noticed that they've recently updated their website and clothing line, so I don't know if my experience with them would still be indicative of how they are now. Buuuut, I had a horrible time buying a latex catsuit from them. First, the fit was completely off. Second, it took 5 months for the order to be made and arrive, yes, 5 months. It was absolutely absurd, especially after they told me that it would only be 1 month! So it definitely gets a thumbs down from me.
However, on the plus side, the prices are good.

What can I say? Their stuff is amazing! The only drawback is that orders tend to take about 1.5 to 2 months to arrive, but they're definitely worth the wait!

Westward Bound
Much like SkinTwo and Honour, Westward Bound is fairly cheap and of high quality. Plus their shipping time is really low (usually).

Pricey! Pricey! Pricey!
Personally I'm not a huge fan of their designs, mostly being somewhat dated and well, eastern european. However, the one reason to definitely shop though them is if you're in the market for thick (not heavy) latex. Also, the quality is pretty top notch, but is out of proportion with their prices in my opinion.

Simon O.
I absolutely LOVE Simon O. They have amazing designs AND their latex has this wonderful aroma to it (weird, but true). The only thing that keeps me from shopping with them more often is their prices, however the price certainly matches their quality.

Generally overpriced in my opinion.
but from my one and only experience with them, they're definitely a respectable company with nice items.

Is a mixed bag, as all of you probably already know. I've gotten a number of cheap, great items from ebay. However, I have gotten swindled a couple times as well, so buyer-beware!

Betty LaBamba
I've bought a couple items from the now defunct company, I had great experiences and was really pleased by the quality of the items!
How unfortunate.

Girl Clothes:Macys
There are some great items, but generally too expensive in my opinion.

I've actually done most of my shopping here. The prices are quite reasonable and products are great, plus shipping is super fast and you always know exactly what you're getting.

Much like ebay, you never really know what you're getting. However, I personally think that Amazon is much more respectable than e-bay in many regards, however their prices tend to be much higher. =(

I've only ordered some jewelry from here, however the website is neat and their prices are good. Although I can't say anything about the general quality of their clothes.

Hot Topic
Reasonably priced, but poor quality, although many of their designs can't be found elsewhere. So it's a trade-off, all in all I've had good experiences with them though.

I don't know if I have to write much here. I've had absolutely fantastic experiences with FemSkin. Sure, their items may seem a little pricey, but they're definitely worth it. Plus, where else are you going to get the stuff that they sell?
Nowhere, that's where!


Anonymous said...

informative post, anima.

did you resolve the issue of your torn femskin?

Anima said...

Yes, I resolved it. I ended up converting it myself, so unfortunately it won't be up for sale.

ClosetMonster said...

Nice review of your product experiences, Anima. Is there a way to make this a post a permanent link on your sidebar?

Anima said...

Sure CM. I just made a section right under the 'links' section called 'Saved Posts' and this is the first one