Sunday, May 20, 2018


Just made a facebook account cause maskers on youtube kept asking about it. It's also probably a better way to communicate and correspond with other maskers. I'll still be writing and posting here as a mainstay, but it does seem like an easier way to network.
You can find the link over on the right or you can click here!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

New video on my mature site! + Monetization and paying for gear

I know I'm slightly going back on what I was saying before about my mature page and how I'd transition to a different site. However, I do still plan on doing that with one or two of my older videos, but if there are any more "mature" videos, I'll be putting them up on Clips4Sale for now, just because I was locked out of that account for some years and I finally regained control of it.
You can find the link over on the right to my "mature" site to check it out. I tried to make it as inexpensive as possible. Also, keep in mind there is no nudity and the hip pads I'm wearing in it are pretty crude.

In general I don't have specific plans of making any more 'mature' videos, but if the feeling strikes me, I'll put something up there. I'll also be putting up photos I didn't post online otherwise there.
The goal isn't to gouge you guys or make a bunch of money, it's merely a place where I'm putting things I'd otherwise keep completely private. So it's basically for those people who really want to see more and/or those who want to help me out with the costs of buying all the gear it requires to keep these videos coming. I still want the bulk of the material I produce to be on this blog, flickr, and youtube.

I'm hoping that in the future I will be able to create a large enough viewer base on youtube to start making some money there as well, cause the dance videos are much more fun to make and they seem to be getting a pretty good response. I really think this would be the best way to go about it, since it would be mutually beneficial.

The main issue I ran into with making mature clips in the past was that I started dressing like it was a job, not something that I actually felt like doing. As a result my videos weren't as interesting or authentic, plus they weren't fun to be making anymore.
So I'm hoping this new way of engaging masking will be one that works better for me and for you too!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Dance Vlog #2

This is a color-corrected version of the video that I just put up on my youtube channel.

I took this video the day I unboxed the Taylor mask from CreaFX, I was so excited about the fit and the look it made me feel like moving around on film. I didn't post it until now partially because I forgot about it partially because at the time I felt self-conscious and silly about it, but now I don't see the harm.

This was also before I made the pads I have been wearing in my more recent photos, so I'm making due with some tights and a bunch of polyfill, so my shape below the waist is pretty lumpy and unimpressive, which is why it's just the upper-half.

I also made some latex orders recently, but those won't be here for another couple months, so I'll have to get inventive about outfits, but there might be a little bit of a dry-spell in terms of gear/clothes for a little while.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

move like a girl

With this new idea with the dance vlog on youtube, I'm realizing that dancing sexy is much easier said than done!

I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out how to dance "sexy" or like a girl. I have a natural inclination to move differently, so it's difficult and a little awkward trying to undulate and "be sexy." Although, I like the idea of one-day being able to move sexy and be more feminine in general.
I can't quite bring myself to taking dance classes in fem styles like vogue or waacking, but maybe in the future I will. In the meantime I've been trying to look up tutorials on youtube, however thus far they haven't been so useful. Hopefully over time I'll improve and all of you will get to see my progress (hopefully there's progress!).

I know my hips in general are pretty stiff, so it'll take a lot of work to loosen them up and figure out movements that work well.
Also, the pads I'm making and using are made of foam, so they don't jiggle like flesh or silicone, which adds an extra layer of difficulty. Hopefully in the future I'll figure out a solution to this jiggle issue, however I don't see that happening soon. But I have a good idea for a combination of foam and silicone padding shorts, but I lack the resources and space to attempt something like this myself.

I'm hoping to get some new content out in some shape or form in the next couple weeks, but then will be going through a little bit of a dry-spell. But in the meantime, if any of you find any good videos of fem-dancing (tutorials or anything) it would be greatly appreciated! Once I get all my gear figured out, I'll be able to show off more of my body, I'll just have to find a new film-location.

Lastly, my "mature site" is back up and running!! I think most of what I do will end up here and youtube, but will try to put stuff up there from time to time.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Rear pads

The rear pads are coming along, but still a bit wonky in places. Still needing to figure out how to tackle more natural looking hips in the front, and a rounder rump 😅😅😅

Saturday, April 14, 2018

dancing to havana

I dressed the other night and just felt like dancing, so I plopped this together quickly.

general update:
So I've been working on new pads for a while now. I live in a situation where I don't have a ton of privacy, so I can't work on them as much as I'd like, but I've basically been carving away at foam for the past 2 months. I have an idea about how I'd like to make the pads, but as I've been working on them I'm realizing I've made a ton of mistakes so far. So I'll probably start over again once I get the ones I'm working on completed.

It's been a real education in terms of working with materials and realizing that I'm not a sculptor and I'm not the best with human anatomy, but I'm certainly getting better at it! But in the last couple weeks I've had a number of hours to work on the pads. The pads are basically broken into two parts: front and back. The back piece is about 90% done (which is what I'm wearing in the video) the front piece is about 50% there and I'm hoping I'll get a trial run wearing both in the next few weeks. I'll post up pictures and videos if/when I do.

Friday, January 12, 2018