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Update and Thank You and Questions

Hello tiny audience who actually visits my blog, I just wanted to give everyone an update.

So based on the sales for my clip store in September I was able to buy some new small items from Libidex. I've said this before, but all sales from my clips site goes back into buying women's clothes, latex, silicone, masks, etc. Basically things that I will use to make more videos. So I wanted to thank everyone for helping! I'll be featuring the new items in coming photo-sets and videos! (once they arrive)
I've got a few more videos on the way, so keep posted in October for new material! Thank you for the support!
The next thing I am saving up for (through the clips4sale site sales) is a custom-painted CreaFX mask, that will help match some other items I haven't shown off yet. I'm very VERY excited for this project, but you'll have to wait and see what I have in store. It may be a while before I can afford it as well, so how soon will be related to how many clips I sell (there is also a "tribute" button on the top right of my clips4sale site, if you happen to want to just donate money to this new mask, I know, I'm a brat, but I figured I'd put it out there cause it'll be a long while until I can afford it without the help of those sales).

I've also renovated the blog a little bit. I may keep shifting things around, so don't be surprised if everything looks different from week to week.

I'm thinking about getting a P.O. Box soon and seeing if people are willing to/wanting to send me gifts (clothes, shoes, jewelry, masks, whatever else). If you're a vendor (like EYUNG) and would want to send me discounted or free items for review, I'd be happy to exchange goods for advertising! So I will be posting up about this soon. I am thinking that what will probably happen is no-one will send anything, and that's ok, but I thought I'd give it a shot for 3 months and see what the result is.
I'm in desperate need of shoes, boots, and heels.
I also need more clothing, mostly stripper-style clothes are what I'm interested in, because cotton and other materials don't move easily over the silicone suit, so wearing less is better. Plus it's so hot in the suit as is, I'm not trying to get too bundled up.

I also got these amazing collars that I already did a test-run with one of my silicone suits. Now I can finally breathe while wearing the zipperless suits! I'm very very happy about this. The drawback-the suit looks kind of funny while I'm wearing it, so I'll have to figure out a solution to that, but the point is, I can get back to wearing the silicone suit! (I stopped for a few weeks, since I was having issues with getting light headed, blurry vision, etc. when wearing them (SCARY!)). Once I dress and take more pictures, I'll add it to my review of the Eyung bodysuit with arms.

So I wanted to check in about some things I'm not planning on, but if people are interested, would consider in the future, so please leave a comment about the below items if you'd like me to consider it more:
1) a clips-4-sale video putting on/taking off video of one of my simpler suits (it'd be long and unexciting, but people seem to want it. I wouldn't make this until later in the year)
2) doing more product reviews: please mention things I already have that you'd want to know more about.
3) If I did open a P.O. Box, what would you send? Or would you be open to sending anything? (I'm probably going to try this either way, but knowing people were interested and ready would get me on it sooner than later)
4) nude-(and/or complete series) photo-sets on my clips4sale site for purchase. I have no plans of this now, but if people would like it, I could easily put something together. I would probably just do bundles that would cover an entire season (3 month period) to keeps costs down for people who buy it.

Thank you again for your support!

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Eyung Bodysuit w/ sleeves review

So I have gotten lots of requests about the suit, so I will try to answer all the questions along with my general review of the suit itself. I also bought a zipper version and a non-zipper version, so portions of the review will be split into two categories.

My dimensions and suit details:
Chest - 104cm (without breasts)
Waist - 88cm
Hips - 99cm without padding, approx 120cm with padding.
Neck - 42cm
Height - 177cm
Weight - 170-180lbs?

Suit color = color 3
link to the actual suit at the bottom of the review.

Putting the suit on:

zipper version - This is the first version that I bought was the zipper version. It was exactly what I wanted, plus the zipper running down the back gave it a great look and really captured a part of my childhood fantasy of zipping into another body (I'll be putting out a video in the coming weeks of me wearing this zippered suit). Getting the suit on without zipping it up was extremely easy, only took a couple minutes to get up and on. I was warned that the zipper can tear away from the silicone, so was extra careful with putting it on. I ended up having to contort my body in a fairly extreme way to position the suit so the zipper wouldn't take a lot of stress, I also attached a lanyard to the zipper so I could pull it up more easily by myself. The zipping by itself took maybe 10-20 minutes and once it was on, it fit wonderfully. The neck was a little tight, however I just left the upper part of the back-zip undone, so it wasn't too tight there.

no zipper - This is the second version that I bought. This version has no zipper and it is done through the neck entry. It is also not a scoop neck like with femskin. Instead the neck of the suit is designed to wrap up around ones neck up until the skull, like a very very long turtle-neck sweater.
The first and only time I have put this suit on, I was wearing my padding before putting it on, which made getting the hips through the small entry particularly difficult, and somewhat painful, since the material would gather and make a super elastic band with a lot of pressure behind it. With the zipperless version in particular, dealing with the gel-filled breasts was much more complicated, since they weigh quite a bit, I'd guess about 5-8 pounds. So manipulating the suit and making sure I didn't damage it while also struggling to get in through the tiny neck hole was a lengthy struggle. I believe putting the suit on took nearly 2 hours. I needed to use soap and water to lubricate the inside so I could slip and slide my way in. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to put on or take off without using this method, given my size, I'm not sure whether it would have been possible.
Once the suit was up around my ribs, the real struggle began. I needed to feed each arm in individually up to the elbow, then I strained with all my strength to pull the suit up with my arm inside at the elbow, however after a few attempts I could not do it. I eventually needed to use my other arm to pull the material from inside and as the suit came up past my bicep to my shoulder, it was reasonably painful. The same happened with the second arm.

from the strain of putting on/taking off the suit, my arms were very sore and felt bruised (but no visible bruising) for about a week. It was by far the most difficult garment I have ever worn. However, I'm a die-hard fetishist, so I found it exciting, but for someone who isn't turned on by silicone/rubber/and a little discomfort will not enjoy this one bit.

There were many times when I didn't think I would make it in or that I would tear the suit. There were a few times I thought, "screw it, I'll just try my hardest and if it tears, then that means I can't get into it," but it never broke. So the material itself is very high quality, durable, and elastic, but I cannot imagine anyone any larger than me getting into this suit, and even thinking about it now, I don't know if I could get into it again (but I'll certainly try).

Wearing the suit + suit details

Both suits are comparable in how they feel when wearing them except for one very important feature, the neck. With the zipper suit you can keep part of it unzipped, allowing more space for your neck, however with the no-zipper version it made blood-flow very difficult around my neck. When I would lay down, it would become worse and I would need to hold the neck open with both hands to keep my face and eyes from bulging. So if you get this style of suit, something I found that can help alleviate the pressure without needing to use both hands is to pull the neck of the suit up over your chin up to your nose. This way the pressure is greatly lessened and you can catch your breath or get blood flowing normally again. When standing it is more tolerable. (and again, if you're a fetishist like me, this sensation is 50% scary 50% exciting)

The arms are very tight, which I like, because it presses my biceps down much more and helps give me more of a feminine upper body. The breasts are fantastic, they look and giggle very realistically, even the side-boobs they create are incredibly realistic. They come with painted and raised nipples that are fun to play with. The downside is that they are very heavy and if you used water or lube to get into the suit, they will slide down your chest, so it is important to take some time to put a towel between your chest and the suit to dry that area, so the suit can grip to your skin and the breasts can keep their position.

The legs and torso fit great and are very comfortable. The suit also comes with a realistic vagina that is capable of intercourse (it's crazy, I know!). The way it's done is there is a hollow tube inside the suit that rests under ones scrotum. So the angle is kind of wrong, but still a very fun feature. So when a natural vagina would be oriented vertically (up into the body) this vagina is angled horizontally. So for true intercourse to happen the wearer and the partner would need to be face to face laying flat on each other for it to function. Attached to this vaginal tube there is a place for ones penis to be inserted, this penis-holder has a tube attached to the end the runs into the mouth of the vagina, the idea is that one can still urinate while wearing the suit. I tried this function once, however the angle wasn't quite right, so I couldn't actually urinate while wearing it, but with some tuning and tweaking that could be a possibility, however thus far I haven't been able to get it working properly.

There is some additional silicone padding in the rear and I believe a little in the hips as well, which add a little shape (I will post a video of me wearing just the suit with no padding in the coming weeks/months) however I would highly suggest wearing the suit with padding underneath, since the silicone padding does not add all that much shape, but nicely accents existing pads for having distinct buttocks, to help avoid having the uni-booty.

The suit itself is quite thick, however it is variable between the suits as to where thin areas will be. So be sure to inspect the suit before and while wearing. When you see areas that appear translucent, be careful not to stretch these areas too much. However, the silicone feels very high quality and is extremely durable and elastic. Also, the casting-lines are quite obvious down the sides of the suit, so you can see a seam plainly down both sides. People have commented on how that looks bad, but I personally don't mind it at all. I kind of like the hints that show that the skin is artificial, but again I'm a die-hard fetishist and I have weird tastes and turn-ons.

The main drawbacks of the suit is the neck size and the fact that the breasts slide down my chest, so it can be difficult to make them stay in place. Apart from that, it's everything and more than I was expecting when ordering the suit.

The purchase process:
The most important thing to be aware of when buying this suit or anything from the Eyung store is that everything in the store is priced to have a zipper in it. If you want no zipper, it will cost you 200 USD more than the base cost of the suit. I spoke to the owner and various representatives about this extensively, because I thought it was a scam, but it turns out that when they cast the mold and make a cut in the suit (for the zipper) it makes it easier for them to remove the suit from the mold. When you get the zipperless version it is much more difficult to remove the suit from the mold and there is a high percent rate that the suit will rip when they try to remove it from the cast, therefore to counterbalance this cost of ripped and ruined suits, one needs to pay extra for the no-zipper version.

When I originally put the suit into my shopping cart, I got a message from a user on facebook asking whether I had interest in the store, which was extremely suspicious since I had not made any mention of this purchase on facebook. After I ordered the suit, this person on facebook then said that I should pay extra to have no zipper, I was then also contacted directly through the store having someone say the exact same thing. Their reasoning was that most people who buy the suit with a zipper, the zipper will rip off and render the suit unusable. I told them I would cancel the purchase and re-purchase the proper suit, instead of just having them charge me 200 more dollars for a confusing feature. When I tried to cancel the order, I was given a message saying that my cancel request had been refused. At this point I felt like I had just gotten scammed and they were trying to scam me out of 200 more dollars. So I asked them to just send me what I had paid for, not expecting anything to come in the mail. Then within just a few days, the suit arrived.

I later bought another suit and other items from the store, and the staff is very helpful and friendly and the shipping has been very fast on all my orders. So just be aware that it may seem like a scam at times, but I have bought many things from their site thus far and they have all arrived and been exactly what they said they would be.

A final piece to remember, is that if you're not in China and you are ordering these items, they will go through customs. Every package I've gotten from the store has been opened, inspected, and repackaged. So just know that some customs person will know your dirty little secret, but in reality, they don't care, but something to keep in mind.

Oh, and make sure to make an aliexpress account, since you will be communicating a lot with the seller. This way your communications are much easier.

Taking off the suit:
Zipper version:
Taking this version was very simple with the upper-body, however when I got it around my waist and tried to pull it below the hips, I tried my best to stretch the front of the suit to allow the least stress possible to the zipper in back. However, as was warned, the zipper broke, so I was only able to wear this suit in it's proper functioning state with pads on one time, which was disappointing. So if you are to get this suit or anything from the store, I would personally advise you to pay the extra money and get the no-zipper version (purely because it will rip unless you are substantially thinner/shorter than I am (dimensions above)).

No-Zipper version:
Taking this version off was very difficult at the beginning. So in order to get the suit off, the first step is to pull the neck down over one shoulder and pull that arm out. This is much easier said than done.
I struggled with pulling the neck down to my elbow for about 30 minutes. It finally reached a point where I started thinking I would need to cut my way out of the suit, which is something I really did not want to do and fortunately didn't have to. However, for a time I was at a loss as to how to get it off. Fortunately I had some tie-downs (link at the bottom) that I was able to use, these tie-downs are basically just long straps attached to a metal hook with rounded edges (so it won't tear or cut the suit). So to get the neck off, I pulled the front of the suit down over one shoulder, then took the hook and attached it to the suit behind my shoulder, then crouched down and put my heel on the strap of the tie-down (to add tension, so when I stood it would pull the hook down). With my free hand I pulled the front of the suit down, while standing up slowly, which pulled the hook that was holding the back of the suit opening. So I was applying pressure from the front and the back to get the neck opening down under my elbow. Once I got it from under the elbow I freed that arm, then getting the rest off was fairly simple. The other arm was difficult as well, but not nearly has hard as the first arm. After both arms were out, I just hopped in the shower and wiggled the rest of the suit off in just a couple minutes.

Why I won't make a putting-on/taking-off video:

I have no plans of making a 'taking off' or 'suiting up' videos because the process takes such a long time and is so difficult (for the no-zipper version, since my zipper version is ripped). When putting on the suit I was in the shower, on the bathtub floor, on the ground in the kitchen, sat on the toilet, went into my living room and struggled more. It was so difficult, I couldn't handle trying to tape and do it at the same time, plus as I said before, it took me nearly 2 hours to get on. Which is a lot of time to have my genitals flopping around on film, which is something most of you wouldn't want to see anyway. However, I did just get another suit from EYUNG that I believe will be easier to get on/off, so if people ask, I will consider it in the future.

My overall impression of the suit:

I love the suit/s that I own, they're basically a realization of a long-time fantasy. I know fem-skin did basically the same thing, however the sleeves look and feel great and make a big difference in my ability to basically 'go nude' and not need to get too strategic about my outfits, since garments that cover the arms tend to be less flattering.

I'm also very pleased with the breasts. Even the Femskin had issues with the uni-boob, since the breasts were large and hollow, then they would need to be filled with external inserts, ultimately still having an issue where between the breasts there would be an air-pocket between the suit and the wearer. This suit lays flat against your chest, which makes an enormous difference in the way the breasts look and feel and jiggle.

There are also nice little features in the suit that ultimately make a big difference; pentratable vagina, pee-tube, realistic nipples and breasts, raised silicone clavicle, built-in butt padding, indented and painted belly-button and anus.

My biggest complaint is that the neck is so tight that it prevents me from wearing the suit for more than an hour. I'm still working on a figuring out a solution


The store owner warned me that this suit requires two people to put on/take off/ and wear. I didn't take this point seriously, since I fancy myself as being pretty damn talented at getting into suits and outfits on my own. However, I would strongly suggest having a buddy around to help you if you get stuck in this suit.

With the neck being tight, it's a very weird dynamic wearing the suit, since even when holding the neck open, there is still pressure around parts of your neck and over time you will start to feel the scary effects of oxygen deprivation. The biggest fear I had was if I were to pass-out while wearing the suit, it would continue constricting my neck and lead to extremely serious consequences.

I can't stress this neck constriction enough, since if you get the zipper version, it's no issue, but the suit may rip depending on your size. So if you get a zipperless version of the suit or anything that goes around your neck and you are doing it alone you NEED: 1) scissors in case you need to cut your way out 2) a strap with a hook or something that can help you pull the suit off or else you may get stuck (tie-downs - link below) 3) something rigid around your neck to allow blood to flow normally and easily to your brain. I am going to order a rigid neck brace for this reason, since having the ability to take breaks and get some blood back into your head is very very important. The whole process is exhausting with putting on the padding, suit, mask, etc etc. To do this all while also having blood-flow constricted around your neck is downright dangerous, so if you buy the suit without a zipper ALSO BUY A RIGID NECKBRACE, that way when you need a break you can pull the neck of the suit up over the brace, because just holding it open with your hands will not fully solve the problem and still leave you in a dangerous situation.
If you have a thin-neck, this may not be a problem, please check my neck dimensions above. It is quite tight on my neck, so unless your neck is substantially smaller, then I would say you need to get a neck-brace of some sort to wear the suit safely.

Answering your questions:
Have questions about the suit that I didn't answer here? leave a comment or e-mail me at and I'll answer them in this section.

from facebook: "I'm a lot bigger than you, I don't think I could fit into it"
the suit stretches quite a bit so I bet you could fit into the suit, but the neck entry can be very tough. I recently bought an upper body and a lower body (separately) and they are MUCH easier to get on, the only drawback is the seam in the mid-section (where you can see my pale belly between the legs/torso), so I'll need to get inventive as to how to hide that with outfits, but that may be a better option for you as well! The 1/2 and 1/2 suit was much cheaper than getting the whole suit together, the main drawback is 1) no arms and 2) exposing the mid-section.

From facebook: "I'm 13cm taller than you, I don't think I could get into the suit."
Even being taller, I believe that you could wear the suit no problem since it is so elastic. My biggest concern would be the breasts pulling down towards your belly, so they wouldn't fall in the right position. I have the same issue, so it may be more of a pain, however I think that even being taller, you could make it work. A good alternative would be trying to cobble together a suit through their various options. If you got the V-shaped torso, with arms that is cut like a leotard (with no legs) and coupled that with the leggings, it may solve the issue of the breasts drooping, but I'd still be worried about the neck being tight (once I solve this issue I'll share the results).

The store to buy the suit
Eyung Crossdressing store:

Link to the actual item I am wearing in this picture

Tie-downs that I used to help me get out of the suit