Sunday, June 8, 2014


Yup, so I haven't had an update in a long long time. The reason is mainly because I haven't dressed in quite a while. For the past few years I've been feeling like my masking and x-dressing days are over, not because it was no longer an interest of mine, but because I never felt strongly enough to actually do it anymore.

I recently got my gf into a latex catsuit and it didn't fit her fantastically and she didn't seem to enjoy the process of putting it on or wearing it all that much, but while she was wearing it I thought, "what a shame she's not enjoying this amazing catsuit."

So the next day, for some reason, I thought I would try it on, even though I'm a women's Large or X-Large. This suit is a small and after this experience I'm bigger fan of Libidex than ever. Even though it's a few years old and a few sizes too small it still fit fantastically. However, I don't at all suggest that you go out and buy latex that is more than a size too small for you.

I've also been thinking that it's time for me to start giving away more information about masking/shaping, since I don't see myself masking heavily in the future, so I hope that other maskers can get something out of the tips that I've accrued over the years.

In this shoot the main idea I was going for was simplicity. I think that the suit fit beautifully, so I didn't want to over-complicate what I would be wearing, so I went with my Roxy mask, wig, welders goggles, and elbow length moulded gloves.

For shape I'm wearing a Femskin Girdle (type 2). I tried using mega large breast inserts, but didn't end up choosing them for a couple reasons. The first was because when I put them in, it felt like the suit could possibly rip, since it was already under such pressure. Also, given my body shape with the hips, the giant breasts looked unnatural, so I went with my smaller inserts, which are B's or C's I can't remember.

For maskers in general I can't stress enough the importance of using things that shape you naturally, since bigger is not always better. Generally speaking, the more forgiving the material and cut of the clothing, the more extreme you can make your proportions, like with denim or cotton/skirts or hanging tanks. However, with latex (especially a catsuit) it's important to make as natural a base as possible since the material is unforgiving and will show all the seams, transitions, and irregularities with the padding.

So for this situation I decided to go small with the breasts, and added more with the hips and didn't go with a corset since it would show and ruin the simplicity of the images/look.

I have also realized over the years that it's important to go additive and not try to go negative (so use hip padding, always! very few maskers and non-hormone using x-dressers can pull off the look without false hips).

Lastly to any maskers out there, it's important to have a variety of different padding options for your breasts and hips (and of course corsets, because they will come in handy). Given the outfit, you'll find that different padding combinations will achieve different looks. Just make sure to consider how your padding will work with your outfit.

I'll be putting the rest of the pictures from this set somewhere, I'll update where it is here, so keep posted.
I hope this helps.
Happy masking!